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ViewMate Posting VM 25680

Submitted by Richard Glaser

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 2/19/2017 4:06 PM
Family Surname: Glaser
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Hodonin
Date of Image: 4/27/41
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This is a postcard from Hodonin from my father's grandfather and uncles. I would appreciate a transcription and a translation.

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On  Response 
2/19/2017 7:10 PM Herzliche gruesse und kuesse. Ich arbeite beim Strassenbau, habe leider keine auswanderungsmoeglichkeit. Bitte schreibe gelegentlich an Rosa Axtmayer Crescioni, vielleicht kann sie uns behilflich sein. Es grusst dich dein Ernst.

Lieber Kurt: seit 15/I[?] habe kein - mehr und gehe uns kaum ---- Onkel Jerzy[?]

Lieber Kurti! Wir ehrlichten mit grosser Freude deinen l.[etzten] Brief von 19/II und bitte uns gleich mitteilen ob du schon eine andere Stelle in aussicht hast, was uns Sorge macht. Ernst arbeitet auf der Strasse in der Naehe von hues. Ich arbeite in einem Kohlenbergwerk in der Naehe. Wir sind G.[ott] s.[ei] d.[ank]gesund. Von deiner l.[ieben] Mama haben wir ueberhaupt keine Nachricht. Warum schreibt sie uns denn gar nichts. Wie geht es Heinzl? Wir haben bereits das noetige Geld nach- zu Dr Berger, - Ausstellung eines Steines fuer den sel.[igen] Papa eingeschicht. Dr Berger ist ein feiner, selbstloser Mensch! Wir werden dir dann das Bild von Grab d.[es] s.[eligen] Papas zusenden, bis es fertig ist. Schreibe gleich! Bleibe gesund. Lasse l.[iebe] Mama, Heinzl und alle anderen lieben hertzlichst gruessen. Gruesse und Kuesse herzlichst. Onkel Simon.

Lieber Kurti! Ich freue mich sehr wann du schreibste. Die Mama schreibt uns zunaechst so wie der l.[ieber] Heinzl. Schreibe bald ob du schon eine andere Stelle in Aussicht hast. Gruesse und Kuesse [MISSING: "sends"] dein teuer Grossvater. Herzliche Gruesse und alles Guete. Deine Tante Hedi. II.

Heartfelt greetings and kisses. I work on street maintenence but have no possibility of getting out. When you can write to Rosa Axtmayer Crescioni; perhaps she may be of help to us. Greetings from your Ernst.

Dear Kurt: since January 15th no more ...[?] Uncle Jerzy[?]

Dear Kurt! We received with great joy your latest letter of February 19th and beg you to let us know at once whether you have another position in sight, for we are worried about it. [Sound like your father was not allowed to stay at St Mary's for residency after his internship of 1940-1941, whether because there was no place in the residency or because he was a Jew or for some other reason; so he found a place at the Jewish Hospital at Louisville. It's touching that the family was so concerned with this when they themselves were under Nazi occupation] Ernst works on road maintenance near the house[?]. I work at a coal mine near by. We are, thank God, well. From your dear mother we have had no news at all. Why does she not write us at all? How is Heinzl? We already have the necessary money for Dr Berger for the head stone for the father, blessed be his memory. Dr Berger is a fine, selfless man! We shall send you a picture of the grave once it is finished. Write at once! Stay well. Let dear mama and Heinzl and all the other beloved persons know our heartfelt greetings. Greetings and kisses. Uncle Simon.

Dear Kurt! I was full of joy at receiving your letter. Dear mama wrote us first, as did the dear Heinzl. Write us soon whether you already have another position in sight. Greetings and kisses [sends] your dear grandfather. Heartfelt greetings and all the best. Your aunt Hedi. II. [Second page]

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