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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/13/2013 4:21 PM
Family Surname: Simson
Country: Germany
Town: Suhl
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This is page 2 of 5 of a German document I received from a Historian that has assisted me with my Family Research. I would love to get a translation to English of roughly what the document contains.

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1/15/2013 6:25 AM Page 2
Liebmann Simson's first son, Simson Lippmann (1785-1812) was married to the daughter of Mindel von Meyer Löb (Loeb) from Heinrichs in 1806. When Simson Lieppmann
passed away in 1812, he left behind 3 daughters and the sons named Löb (Loeb) (1806-ca. 1862) and Moses Simson (1808-1868). The amount of their assets was
11.393 Reichstaler (Wiki) and their properties in Schwarza. Both brothers, Löb/Löw (Loeb/Loew) Simson and Moses Simson bought an old Stahlhammer (a sledge hammer
mostly driven by the power of water, like river or so) and so they founded a very famous company, known world wide. In August 1848 the brothers, being now pecunious
by trade and investment of money, bought the house #16 at the market square in Suhl. In 1850 both founded a cloth and apparel store called "Gebr. Simson", owner
Löb (Loeb) and Moses Simson. The merchant and manufacturer Moses Simson was married to Louise Ehrmann from Pfarrweisach in 1837. They had 10 children, 2 of them died.
All were born in Schwarza. Very soon Moses Simson passed away in December 1868. His widow Louise Simson carried on with a participator called Karl Luck.
For sure a struck of desaster for Louise was the death of her son Leopold during the war 1870/71 (Germany vs France). 2 more sons Louis and Daniel emigrated to
America. Son Hugo got member of the management. Louise Simson passed away in August 18th (year is unreadable in the tobstone). She is burried with her husband
Moses Simpson at the Jewish cemetery in Heinrichs. Brother Löb (Loeb) Simson was married after the early death of his wife Blümchen (Bluemchen) Massbacher from
Friesen near Kronach in Upper Franconia. Their first son, born 1833, was named after his father's surname "Löb (Loeb) Simson". He died in 1862 in Schwarza and it
is assumed that he is burried at the Jewish cemetery in Schwarza as well.
Arround 1864 Blümchen Simson moved to Suhl. She was 57 years old at this time.
Both brothers went to the synagoge in Schwarza, which was situated in the so called "Judengasse" (Wiki). Nowadays the Judengasse is called "Irma-Stern-Strasse"
after the last Jewish citizen of Schwarza. Irma Stern had been deported, 36 years old, in May 1942 together with her 2 infants to the Ghetto Belcye near Lublin
and was murdered in the gas chambers of Belzec (not easy to write this down).
Simson (Moses) Simson (*7/25/1838 in Schwarza, +2/5/1907 in Suhl) was child of Moses and Louise Simson. He was married to Adelheit Frank from Memmelsdorf in former
county of Ebern. Adelheit Frank was one of 6 children of Levi Frank (1816-1881, he was economist, whatever this means) and his spouse Rosa, maiden name Scholle, (1814-1901).
Adelheit was born 9/24/1844 (all dates are in the format mm/dd/yyyy).
The family of Adelheit Frank lived for 150 years in Memmelsdorf until the Nazis took over, in the house #14, nowadays "Judengasse #7.
The very last tenant was the couple Justin and Paula Frank, maiden name Nordheimer, together with their daughter Lieselotte.
Justin Frank died in 1937, Lieselotte could emigrate to the US. Paula Frank had been arrested in 1938 and in 1941 she had been deported to Riga where she
was mudered.

-- end of page 2 --
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