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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/13/2013 4:21 PM
Family Surname: Simson
Country: Germany
Town: Suhl
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This is page 1 of 5 of a German document I received from a Historian that has assisted me with my Family Research. I would love to get a translation to English of roughly what the document contains.

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1/14/2013 1:41 PM Page 1
From Stable Groom to Global Business Company
Situated between Suhl and Hassbergen
The connection of the Jewish family Simson in Suhl to today's county of Hassberge
A lot of people may know Suhl in Turingia as a city well known for its famos production of weapons.
Less known is the connection of Suhl to the Jewish Simson family. The villages Muehlfeld in Grabfeld, Heinrichs and Schwarza in South-Turingia played an importend
roll within the Simson's family, while their spouses originally came from Pfarrweisach, Memelsdorf and Hassfurt. Headquarters was the tiny and pituresque situated
village Muehlfeld close to Mellrichstadt in Grabfeld. There lived in the middle of the 18th century the family of the "Schutzjude" (looks this up in Wikipedia)
Simon Liebmann (1720-1773) and his spouse Veicle? and her sons Liebmann and Moses. They lived in a block of houses oposite the palace (residence) of the Wolzogen? family
which is called "Judenbau" until nowadays. They burried their deseased family members at the Jewish cemetery in Kleinbardorf, the so called "Judenhuegel".
Their eldest son Liebmann Simson, born arround 1750, left his place of origin in 1765 to work for an ownwer of a huge estate. He did so although he was the eldest
and therefore he had special responsibilities (regarding his family). Liebmann Simson got a job as stable groom at Moses Meyer's a wealthy horse trader in Heinrichs,
which is situated close to Suhl. He worked for him for 7 years. Because the "Amtmann" (Wiki) of Suhl did not allow a marriage between him and the horse trader's
daughter (because he was poor), he ask for permission to open up a small general store in Schwarza. He finally was allowed to do so and in 1774 they got married.
The situation of Liebmann Simson wasn't very easy due to taxes Jewish people had to pay for their tradings. In 1778 he got a special document so that he had not to
pay any taxes for crossing the borders. (In these times there was no Germany. There were lots of small princedoms and you had to pay taxes for crossing the borders.)
His brother Moses Simson (1752-1823) who also left Muehlfeld, also got this document for a period of 20 to 24 years after his brother Liebmann, guarenteed for him.
His wife (Moses') was née David from Schwarza. Both brothers live in house #89 in Schwarza. They dealed with cows, beds, barchent (Wiki), cloths, used clothings.
People were too poor to buy new stuff and all could deal with the brothers and they also could pay by natural stuff, such as food or so. After the death of his first wife,
Liebmann Simson got married to Debora, called Vora. In 1788 Liebmann Simson became Parnas of the Jewish society in Schwarza.

--End of page 1--
Follow up tomorrow. Hope it helps.
Regards from Diedfried
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