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Submitted by April Carolyn Stone

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 1/16/2013 4:25 PM
Family Surname: Auerbach
Country: Poland
Town: Brody
Date of Image: 1932
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I am not sure on the language. Any information is appreciated.

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On  Response 
1/16/2013 6:41 PM This is actually a mix of three languages: German, Polish, and English.

The stamp says in Polish "Atelier Fotograficzne Ign. Buxdorf, Brody, Kolejowa 19" (Photographic Studio, [owned by] Ign.[Ignacy?] Buxdorf, Brody [probably town of Brody near Lviv, today's Ukraine], Kolejowa Street no. 19".

Then the German inscription says "Mit grues fuer unsern l.[lieber?] Onkel Dave - Bina und Jakób", which means "With regards to our [beloved?] uncle Dave - Bina and Jakób" [names are written in Polish, Jakób meant Jacob in pre-war Polish; now it would be spelled Jakub].

Finally, the English inscription goes, but unfortunately I cannot decipher the last word. "My niece and nephew in ... ????". The date below is definitely 23 X 1932 = 23 October 1932.

Hope that helps.
1/18/2013 3:26 AM The missing word is Austria.

The few lines at the back summarize the history of Galicia (area of Lviv, Brody,...) which was part of the Austrian Empire (1772 - 1918) and then part of Poland (1918 - 1939). See the Lviv entry in Wikipedia for more details (dates, names of the territories, populations, ...).

In 1932, the place is Polish, and the photographer's stamp uses the official language i.e Polish.

I suppose uncle Dave (probably named Dawid in Europe) left Galicia before 1918 and in his mind, the place is still Austria, though in 1932 it was actually Poland. So he wrote Austria on the back of the picture.

I also suppose uncle Dave learnt German, the language that had to be used in the Austrian Empire administrations, though many other languages were currently used. Bina and Jakob began studying when Galicia was switching from German to Polish. It seems they knew or had notions of German. It was probably the common language of all three of them.

Hope it helps.
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