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Submitted by Feige Elka Stern

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/16/2013 4:23 PM
Family Surname: Springmann, Teichmann
Country: Germany
Town: Wurzburg
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I would appreciate if someone would help me translate this document that I just received from the archives in Wurzburg.
I can see that it is about Anna Springmann, but can't read what it says.

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On  Response 
1/17/2013 3:45 PM This appears to be the first page of the document.

German text:

Springmann Anna geb. Teichmann
Zu- u Vorname
geboren zu
am [3.] 24. III. [63] 61
Religion mos.
Tag der Ankunft
v. Fulda
8. I. 00
Strasse und Numer ? Zeit des Einzugs
Bronnbacher Gas[se] 4 / 8. I. 1900
Nach Aschaffenburg / 8. II. 1900
Whnsitz ist Aschaffenburg / 17. XI. 04.
Markt 5 / 23. 7. 05
nach Aschaffenburg / 23. 7. 05
Von Aschaffenburg kommend Blumenmarkt 10 / 8.I.06
Stand oder Erwerb
Meldet an:
Filiale eines Schuhwaren-handels in Firma Anna Springmann Inhaberin eines Hauptschuhwaaren-Geschäfts in Aschaffenburg. Laden Marktplatz 10. No 839. 17.XI.04
geschieden durch das Landgericht Frankfurt/M 1897
Heimatort mit Anführung der Certificate
Zweck des Aufenthalts
[unreadable struck out text]
Beabsichtigte Dauer des Aufenthalts
v. 10. I. 00
Anna Springmann
[I cannot read the two lines at the bottom of the page, too many abbreviations].


Springmann Anna nee Teichmann
Last and first name: Springmann Anna
born in Rokitno, [3 March 1863] 24 March 1861
Religion: mosaic (Jewish)
Arrived from Fulda on 8 Jan. 1900
Parents: [no entry]
Military service: [N/A]

Resicence / date of moving in:
Bronnbacher Gas[se] 4 / 8 Jan 1900
Moved to Aschaffenburg / 8 Feb. 1900
Lives in Aschaffenburg / 17 Nov 1904.
Markt 5 / 23 July 1905
Mpved to Aschaffenburg / 23 July 1905
Coming from Aschaffenburg: Blumenmarkt 10 / 8 Jan. 1906

Status or occupation: Consumer goods merchant.
Branch of a footware trade in the company Anna Scpringmann, owner of a general footware store in Aschaffenburg. Store at Marktplatz 10. No 839. 17 Nov. 1904.

Family status: divorced by the State Court in Frankfurt/Main 1897

Place of origin with certificates: Rokitno, Austria
Purpose of sojourn: [unreadable struck out text]
Intended length of stay: indefinite from 1 Jan. 1900

There are several towns with the name Rokitno, but most of them are not in Galicia. I would suggest that the home town of Anna was Rokytne, Iavorivskyi raion, Lviv oblast, about 20 km northwest of Lviv.
The struck out birthday could be a Julian date, however the difference between Julian and Gregorian in the 1800s was 12 days, and the year is also different.

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