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Submitted by Benjamin Ginsburg

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 1/30/2013 3:59 PM
Family Surname: Gelchinsky/Gellis/Gilson
Country: Poland
Town: Bialystok
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I am hoping someone can help me translate this letter we believe was written to my great-grandfather, Benjamin or his wife Ida.

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1/10/2013 1:09 PM This and the next image are pages of a letter written from Jerusalem by Benyamin Yitzchok S[?]erlin to his nephew Benyamin Yitzchok. He describes his life there and refers to various family members. It appears from the use of English words in the Yiddish letter, that the writer had lived previously in America or England.
1/13/2013 10:55 AM Hi Benjamin,
just a question:
Do you only have this photograph of the letter? Or is it possible, to send a scan, as well?
If so, and/or in case you need some more help, feel free to write to me privately.
1/16/2013 11:42 AM Dearly beloved nephew BInyomin YitskhOk Gelisson, your dear children and grandchildren, may you all live,

I was very happy to receive your letter, in your own handwriting, as it happens to be very easy to read.
Naturally, I don't understand English, but if your children know only English, then someone will already translate it for me into Yiddish or Hebrew.
It will all the same be pleasant and dear for me to read your letters, as I had the pleasure to read your daughter Tcherne's letter, whom I remember very well. Yaakov Khinke's son will see to it that I learn some English. Both children, Tcherne and Reyzel, surely remember him. He got married 5 years ago and lives in Jerusalem. His 2 brothers, David and Yerakhmiel, don't live in Jerusalem. Their sister Leyetse has also been here in the Land of Israel, but one year before the war she returned to Byalistok and got married there to someone with a PhD in chemistry and gave birth to a daughter. Nowadays we hear nothing from any of them.
I think I have already mentioned that Breyndel's children live in Tel Aviv: Meyer, Reyzel, and Khayim, who are still single. Nissel married 4 years ago and has a son, Ya'akov. Also Mertse, Breyndel's eldest daughter, has a daughter in Tel Aviv, Leye-Dvoireh, who in turn has 2 sons.
These are the closest members of our family living in the Land of Israel.
I have been living in the Land of Israel for 24 years. Sadly, my wife Blume, may she rest in peace, passed away 4 years ago, so I remained alone all that time. It became very difficult for me to go on bearing the loneliness, so a month ago I took a second wife. She is also from Byalistok, and a few years younger than myself.
Up till the war I wrote letters on a typewriter for institutions and private persons and ran a business in feathers that I imported from Poland.
Nowadays the typewriter has been sold because it is too difficult for me to write, but I still carry on doing some business with feathers that I buy and sell locally. Naturally, business today is weak but I don't have to pay rent. I own, thank God, two small rooms: one is 3 meters by 4,80 meters and the other is 3 meters by 3,60 meters. That is where I live. I don't pay rent and I don't collect rent. In this way I manage and don't have to ask anyone for financial support.
A few years ago I started doing community work, but today I spend all my free time studying at home or in the “besmedresh” (a synagogue study house).
My name is quite known in Jerusalem and if you happen to meet someone who knows the city and you ask him about me you will surely be proud of what you hear.
In a previous letter I think I wrote to you about...(you have cut off this part of the sentence).

Hope this helps you.
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