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Submitted by Steven I Herberman

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Information Picture Question
Category: Photo Identification
Approval Date: 1/13/2013 3:59 PM
Family Surname: Herberman
Country: Romania
Town: Iasi
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I would like to know the approximate date that the donors pledged money to rebuild the Great Synagogue in Iasi Romania. This picture was taken just inside the main doors. One of my ancestors was a donor listed on this plaque and I'm trying to solve a few mysteries. It's also my hope that this photo may be of interest to others looking for answers to help fill in the blanks. Thanks for any help.

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1/7/2013 12:29 PM My grandmother's sister, Chana Talmage, was married to Aron Gall (shown as Galb on manifest) who was the cantor at the Great Synagogue. My father lived with them most of his life until he came here at 16 in 1921. I would be interested in any other pictures you have taken of the inner and outer (;-) of the Great Synagogue.

My parents went back to Iasi and I know there was a picture that was hanging when they went of the reopening and Gall is in the picture (I think) but will check. He died in 1937 so it was probably before then. I will respond again when I have more info. Look forward to hearing about what pics you may have.

Thanks, Marianne Greenfield Handler
1/8/2013 3:59 AM B"H,
If you have more photos, I'm happy to translate the Romanian and Hebrew inscriptions.
The numbers such as "5000" represent the number of Romanian Lei pledged/donated.
The memorial to the left shows the date of 29 June 1941, exactly one week after the launch of Operation Barbarosa. I don't recall the dates, but I think that the death trains to "nowhere" were filled with martyrs in the first week of July.
1946 may have been the date of the rededication.
Kol Tuv,
Ezra and Tanya MAGID
IN Bessarabia and Eastern Romania.
1/11/2013 7:53 PM My great-uncle Aron Gall was the Cantor. He is the figure on the left in the picture of the synagogue I have uploaded. When my parents visited in 60s or early 70s the building was not being used as a synagogue. When my brother visited in 1993 it was a synagogue again with a small congregation. Steven I Herberman had question about when collection for rebuilding began. My guess is after my parents visit as it was not a active synagogue at that time. I would be happy to have a translation of the text if anyone knows Romanian.
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