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Submitted by Craig David Rosen

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 11/11/2015 4:07 PM
Family Surname: rosen, Seeliger
Country: USA
Town: Los Angeles Philadelphia
Date of Image: 1954
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This letter is between my grandmother (in Philadelphia) and someone that settled in L.A. after the war. Please translate this, and the other side which will be scanned. Also, please include name of possible. Thanks

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On  Response 
11/27/2012 3:21 AM The letter is sent to "l(ieber)Max" - dear MAX.
11/27/2012 8:26 AM May I have your mail address please?
11/29/2012 10:59 PM 572
Los Angeles 20.1.54
Mein Lieber, so sehr ich mich gefreut habe, Deine Handschrift zu sehen, l.(ieber) Max, so erschreckt war ich von dem Inhalt des Briefes.
Was nur, das Dich so lange im Hospital hielt und was musst Du nur ausgehalten haben, garnicht auszudenken. Und das meine Friedel mit Dir !
Nun ist ja G.(ott)s.(ei)D.(ank) die Gefahr vorüber und unter Friedels Pflege wirst Du Dich gewiss schnell erholen. Trauere Deiner verlorenen Stellung nicht nach, l. Max, ein Mensch, wie Du, der so lange auf einem Posten war, findet immer etwas. Werde nur erst gesund, das ist die erste Hauptsache ! Ich muss immer an meinem Mann denken, als er so krank war, sagte er oft : Wenn man gesund ist, hat man 1000 Wünsche, wenn man krank ist hat man nur 1 Wunsch, gesund zu sein und zu bleiben und das wünsche ...
My Dear, how much I enjoyed seeing your handwriting, dear Max, that much I was started by the content of the letter. What was it that did keep you in hospital that long time and what must you have been trough, almost imaginable. And that my Friedel with you !
Now, the danger is passed, thanks God and with the nursing of Friedel you soon will recover.
Do not sorrow over your lost job, dear Max, a man, like you, who was that long on his post, always does find something. Become healthy at first, that is the first main thing ! I always have to think about my husband when he was that ill, he always said : When one is in good health, one has 1,000 wishes, when one is ill, he only has 1 wish, to be healthy and remain and that is what I do wish ...
11/30/2012 7:40 AM Only a few minor mistakes of the previous poster:
Was ist es nur, das Dich so lange im Hospital hielt
sagte er so oft

I was startled
almost unimaginable.
11/30/2012 11:36 PM To the writer of the above comment :
If you could not even start your translation because too difficult, I also would prefer to omit your comment on my work.
11/17/2015 10:42 AM The letters starts with "meine Lieben" - my dear ones (not"mein Lieber").
I also agree with the other corrections.
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