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Submitted by Elster Barbara

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 11/21/2012 4:59 PM
Country: Poland
Town: LODZ
Date of Image: 1941
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Hi, I am looking forward someone that could help with the translation of this letter received by my father while he escaped in Russia from Lodz. I think it is german but I am not sure about it. Gratefully,

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11/22/2012 3:32 AM Litzmannstadt, 4 February 41
Lieber Schwester... Sohn!
Kann Dir mitteilen, dass wir gottl. gesund
sind. Familie Kischelewitsch Chajim Itzwak.
Ich bin nach einer Operation und ???
Pflege. Bitte sende mir besonders
Fett, und es ob Du selbst verstehst. In
der zweiten Karte schreibe ich Dir Brun-
des Adr. Ich bitte Euch sehr, mir sofort
ein Lebensmittel-Paket nach Erhalt
meiner Karte zu schicken. Wir druecken
und kuessen Dich Dein Mutters Bruder
Chajim Itzhak Kischelewish

Dear ??? sun,
ich can tell you that thanks God the family Chajim Itzak Kiselewitsch family are healthy. After an operation and ??? I am in recovery. Please send me especially fat. and if ??? you understand yourself. In a second card I will write xyou the brother's (??) address. Please send me a food parcel immediately after getting my card. We embrace and kiss you ...
11/22/2012 9:20 AM A few minor points:
"Schwesternsohn" is the son of the sister.

In the text it's Keschelewitsch, whereas the in the signture the spelling is Kischelewisch.
benötige Pflege = [I] need care/nursing.
was Du selbst verstehst = what you understand yourself
Brunches Adr = Brunche's address
Wir grüssen und küsen Dich = We greet and kiss you (there is an unexplained extra loop in "grüssen").
Itzek, not Itzhak.

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