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Submitted by Dov Oppenheim

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 11/18/2012 4:01 PM
Family Surname: Albin
Country: Israel
Town: Tel Aviv
Date of Image: 1930
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A picture of Shimon Samit with inscription on the back. It is for my grandmother Fania Albin. Its a kind of a love letter with her name being formed in the first row. Need help in translation from Polish.
Thank you

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On  Response 
11/19/2012 12:30 PM I hope this helps Barbara
It not really a letter but sentences made with the first letters of the beloved's name

The factory of life is love's foundry
-quickly - a good,rapid hand
--the emptiness of the soul is not too heavy
does not know treachery and is not afraid of big vawes
the person that elevates love to a great level
When you are looking for a compagnon or a sister that is not related
with a bright soul that does not hurt
with a sidelook that makes you sure
Go far as long that you have strength of will
will find what he/she is waiting for- a shadow of a man
So you will remember the sincere, hearty Szymra
11/19/2012 4:48 PM This is actually a short poem in Polish, written by Szymon. The last line says "Ku pamieci od zyczliwego Szymka" which can be translated "A souvenir from friendly Szymek" (Szymek is deminutive from Szymon).

The poem goes as follows (I had to skip the diacritic signs):

"Fabryka zycia to milosci kuznia
a kuje razno ten komu sprawna reka
na kogo nie ciazy bezduszy proznia
i zdrady nie zna i kolcow sie nie leka
aczkolwiek milosc to potegi meka

A gdy szukasz towarzysza lub siostre niepokrewna
lsniaca dusze co koi - nie boli
bacznym wzrokiem - miarą pewną
idz w dal! a sila woli
nadejdzie co czeka - cien czlowieka"

It is quite difficult to translate this piece of poetry as it uses the Polish language in quite unusual way in a few places, however I will try to post my interpretation of the poem in a few minutes.
11/19/2012 5:06 PM Here is my translation of the poem itself:

"The smithy of love is the factory of life
and he hammers briskly, who has efficient hand
who is not burdened with the vacuum of the soulless
and who does not know betrayal and is not afraid of thorns
although love is a torture of the power

And when you are looking for a companion or a not akin sister
for a shining soul that soothes, not hurts
With a watchful eye, with the certain measure,
go ahead! And with the strength of the will
what awaits, it will come - a shadow of man."
11/19/2012 5:15 PM The transcription with all the Polish diacritic signs (just in case you would like to find a translation more accurate than mine):

"Fabryką życia to miłości kuźnia
a kuje raźno ten komu sprawna ręka
na kogo nie ciąży bezduszy próżnia
i zdrady nie zna i kolców się nie lęka
aczkolwiek miłość to potęgi męka

A gdy szukasz towarzysza lub siostrę niepokrewną
lśniącą duszę co koi - nie boli
bacznym wzrokieem - miarą pewną
idź w dal! a siłą woli
nadejdzie co czeka - cień człowieka

Ku pamięci od życzliwego Szymka"
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