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Submitted by Corina Moscovich

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 11/28/2012 4:29 PM
Family Surname: Spector /Specter
Country: Argentina
Town: Rosario, S Fe; M. Ville.
Date of Image: 17 feb 1936
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I need translation with names, specific date, etc. Thanks in advance. C

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On  Response 
11/28/2012 4:39 AM ...written to "unzere tayere hokhgeshetste mekhutonim..."
from Feyga and Moshe Eli Abramovitsh.
Will give you a translation, soon.
11/29/2012 11:21 AM "Rosario, February 17, 1936.
To our dear and valued in-laws, Mr. Oyzer and Mrs. Golda, may you live well, to the Spector family, and to our dear daughter Reizele and the young mother in law Sofía, may you all live and be healthy.

We received with much pleasure your letter this morning, the arrival of which we have been eagerly awaiting. It is hard for me to read your small handwriting, but I did read it nonetheless, and I thank very much Sofía for her letter. I am very glad that you are taken care of. You get up at 8 o'clock and the mother-in-law offers you a "mate" with cream cookies, and after that, at about 10 o'clock, you get cacao with cream. That is not bad at all. And you have already paid a visit to Tobe and Efraim Feldman, and the received you very well. You even had to taste "vareinies". This is also not bad at all. You were also invited to Raitses, and they asked you about us. Thanks very much. Send them our friendly greetings.
I hear that you gained 1 kilo in weight. Good. I can write to you that yeasterday Nakhele was here. He had supper, a good salad with "chauchas", and he was very happy and the children took him back home.
Be well and greet all our good friends who ask about us. Your well-meaning and devoted in-laws, parents and friends.
Feyge and Moishe Eli Abramovitch."
11/29/2012 11:48 AM Vareniye is jam, and the writer is saying "poor you, you even had to taste jam"...
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