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Submitted by Corina Moscovich

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 11/21/2012 4:57 PM
Family Surname: Spector /Specter / Abramovich
Country: Argentina
Town: Rosario, S Fe; M. Ville.
Date of Image: 24 feb 1936
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I need the translation with names, thanks in advance, C

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11/26/2012 3:26 PM
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March 24, 1936 Rosaria

To our dedicated daughter Raizele and to our dear in-laws (machatonim) Oizer and Golda with your black (dark skinned) Yozkeleh, black Sofia, you should be in good health. Sarita received your letter yesterday evening, and I listened to it being read today. You heard the end. You deserved it. Hallevai (if God wills it) if I had the energy I would give you all good news. I am sitting and writing to you. It has been raining an entire day. My heart is sad. Sunday I had a bris (circumcision) at Isaac Helfman’s. We spent some time there. Berele sang. All in all we have to hope that sometime it will become brighter. We go on, what more should I write to you? If God wills it, Shabbat evening (Saturday night) I have a wedding. And everything is so expensive. And life is so cheap. Time is running by. And one take a look around. Nachele was here Saturday night, and Dora with Nachman. We spent some time together. What should I write to you? I will end my letter with the hope that this letter finds you in good health, and I send you and the machatonim good wishes, heartfelt wishes. And to Sofia a special wish that it should be her “?????” (looks like predvidien) something, a beautiful, fine, successful character, who should know her ________. This is the wish from your father and father in law who want to be together with you to see lucky children filled with life. __ ___ ______(? Mr. Hillel Abramovich – this is the signature of person writing this lette). Your mother sends you loving wishes, and wishes you all the best, and send wishes to the machatonim, and to Sofia, she can’t write, it is very ____ as mentioned above.
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