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Submitted by Corina Moscovich

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 11/18/2012 4:01 PM
Family Surname: abramovich
Country: Argentina
Town: Rosario, S Fe; M. Ville.
Date of Image: 12 feb 1936
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I need the translation, please, thanks in advance, C

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On  Response 
11/23/2012 11:58 AM Dear Corina,

the translation will also follow...

2ten febrera 1936 Rozario de Santa Fe
tsu unzere giehrte mekhutonim H. x? Enzir un M. Golda Spektor zayt visn az mir hoben nekhtn oyf der nakht erhaltn Reyzeles briv in velkhn zi shraybt az Sofi hot givart oyf ihr un zey zaynen bayde tsuzammen zuntog oyf der nakht gikumen tsu aykh un zi molt oys vos far afreyd es iz givorn ; alzo lib aykh mit ayere gest. zi (zo?) shraybt Reyzele az der mekhutn hot ihr gizogt az oyb zi vet nit esn vos mer un ofter vet er zi opshiken keyn Rozario un zayn ruhig un shlafn abisel shpeyter un nit zitsn un shtikn mitn eyngeboygenem ruken keyn sk tsayt, vayl dervayl iz nokh heyse tog. haklal ikh gloyb az zi vet aykh folgen mekhutonim. frayt zikh gezunterhayt.yetst zay visn Reyzele az mir hoben shoyn mit umgeduld ervartet dayn briv. un mir hoben mit freyd gilezn dayn brif. x? onkumen di brif iz given Dora, zi hot gileyent dayn brif. me hot ihr gigiben ayer bilder fun der khasene.zayt gizunt un farbreyngt freylikh a hertslikhen girus unzer yunge mekhutnte Sosele de Negro zeh Negrita az Rosita, zol net zayn umruig,zi zol vos mer esn un trinken, un vos veyniger dreyen mit di finger. ikh un alle kinder un di mekhutnte girisn aykh un vinshen hoben farginigen
11/24/2012 11:08 AM and this is the English translation, will write you more, privately...

February 2, 1936 Rosario de Santa Fe
To our honored in-laws Mr. Reb(1) Enzir and M. Golda Spektor, be informed, that yesterday evening we received Reyzele’s letter, in which she writes, that Sofie had been waiting for her, and both of them visited you (together) on Sunday evening. And she describes, what a pleasure it had been; it was so nice with you and your guests(2). Also (3) Reyzele writes, that the in-law told her,that in case she wouldn’t start eating some more and more often, he would be going to send her back to Rosario and, likewise, if she wouldn’t start laying down to rest and sleep a little (after eating), (and also), (if she would continue to) sit and do her embroidering with her back bent –taking not even a second (for a siesta) during the hot day. Eventually, I’m sure, she is going to obey her in-laws! She is just being happy! Now Reyzele, you should know, that we were impatientely waiting for your letter and we enjoyed reading your letter, so much. Just when receiving your letter, Dora was with us, she read your letter (and) we gave her your picture. She was very thankful and wished, that very soon (and)on good way we,(hopefully), should receive your wedding photographs. So long, take care and have a happy time. A warm greeting to our young in-law Sosele (4)“de Negro”! She looks more like a “Negrita” than a “Rosita”(5)! (She) should not be so fidgety, she should eat and drink some more and shouldn’t gesticulate so much (6). I and all the children and the in-law (fem.) send their greetings, wishing you much pleasure.
11/24/2012 11:13 AM Uhhhps, sorry, it's February 12....!
11/24/2012 4:29 PM I think it is "Sofia" rather than "Sofie".
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