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Submitted by Corina Moscovich

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 11/18/2012 4:01 PM
Family Surname: abramovich
Country: Argentina
Town: Rosario, S Fe; M. Ville.
Date of Image: 24 2 1936
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I need translation please, thanks in advance

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On  Response 
11/22/2012 10:16 AM Yiddish:
eyn liben grus tsu mayn tayere tokhter Reyzele un oykh unzere gute mekhutonim/ leybt immer gliklikh un Got zol aykh helfin, hoben fil nakhes fun ayere tayere kinder un di kinder fun aykh omeyn selo/ ikh dank dir Reyzele far dayn tayeren grus es freyt mikh zeyer vos du ferbringst tsuzamen mit Sofien alemol zol ikh herin fun aykh guts / Nokhele iz given bay unz un hot farbrakht abisel. zayt mir ale gizunt ikh endik mayn shraybin mit dem beding az di brif zol aykh trefin baym bestin tsushtand/ fun mir dayn muter un mekhutnte Feyge ikh kush aykh alemen…….
different handwriting:
afrayndlikhn girus Reyzelen
un di mekhutonim dos shr(ay)bt
a different handwriting:
eyn hertslikhn grus alemen

A dear greeting to my beloved daughter Reyzele and also to our kind in-laws. Shall you always live happily and God may help you, to have much joy with your dear children- and your children may enjoy being with you, amen, so it shall be! I thank you, Reyzele, for your dear greeting. I’m very pleased, that you spend time together with Sofie, may I always hear good things from you. Nokhele visited us and spent some time with us.Stay healthy all of you, I finish my writing with the condition, that the letter shall meet you in best (health)status. From me, your mother and in-law Feyga.I kiss all of you…….
Different handwriting:
A friendly greeting to Reyzele and the in-laws, this is the writing of Abraham.
Different handwriting:
A heartfelt greeting to all,Markus
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