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Submitted by Craig David Rosen

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 11/18/2012 3:59 PM
Family Surname: Rosen, Seeliger
Country: Germany
Date of Image: Sept 13, 1940
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This is a letter to my family in Shanghai from other family in Germany. I'd appreciate any translations. Unfortunately the writing is small.

Thank you

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11/18/2012 11:23 PM 24920
Berlin, 13.9.40
My dears! For your card from on your way, which did enjoy us very much, my best thanks, we hope that in the mean time, you did arrive well are your destination and did find your loved ones in good health. In the tranquility during the voyage and the fabulous service you certainly did relax, for your, dear Frida this relaxation was more than needed.
Now I wish you the best at the building of your existing. With the support of your relatives, your zeal that will work. I can well imagine the mutual joy, when also I will be awaited outside by loving relatives. Today is your birthday dear Frida and I congratulate you, even when after date still very cordially and wish you the best health and all the best. Two days ago I had my 60th anniversary and although I had forbidden all for me, all my dear relatives and acquaintances did attend, with marvelous flowers and attentivenesses, not actual, but still I was very enjoyed. Only my dear good man did miss very much on this day. In the mean time Mr Lieber did travel to you and promised me to visit you and bring our greetings. I wanted to give him something refreshing for the voyage but he refused and therefore I ask you dear Max to care that he does receive a sausage from you, which he does like to eat. He certainly will have told you that shortly after your leaving a sister of Elsi did obtain the voyage to Brasil, imagine, the demand is at the consulate since May, Elsi did write an airmail, which was on the way foe exactly 7 weeks and presumed that it like other times might be here in 10 days. She did not telegraph. How and when my sister will leave, she does not know yet. We always did wait for the telegram to Mr Ewals. If my sister would have heard from that I May, all would have been better, at that moment my brother could be reached. Trude also would like to travel to you and than further, so let us wait what you can obtain for yourself.
Mrs Ja. Who does thank you for the letter, does not yet have an answer from Mr Riech, the distance really is to big. We often are together with mother and Julius. Julius will have a new occupation. Besides that all are in good health. Only the weather terrible, in the house it is really cold and uncomfortable, very early came autumn, at night it is very cold. How does Heinz behave, was he kind during the voyage? I am in keen expectation of your first letter from over there. Is it also cool there yet?
Na, when these lines will arrive at yours it is half of October , then it already will be cold. My sister had an unpleasant problem with her eyes, an eye-fever, contagious and painful, now it is better, thanks God. Also now the end. I greet you cordially.
Many greetings to my sister . Greetings to your loved ones. Kate

11/23/2012 5:45 PM I wanted to add some clarifications and my reading of some of the names.

Aufbau Eurer Existenz = the establishment of your livelihood
wenn mich doch auch mal draussen liebe Angehörige erwarten würden = I wish [some day] some dear relatives would also await me outside [of the country].
wenn auch nachträglich = even belatedly
60th birthday (not anniversary, which generally refers to wedding anniversary)
Mr. Bieber (not Mr. Lieber). Notice the hook at the "B".
I missed my dear kind husband very much.
Elfi (not Elsi).
Sentence missing: The consulate does not notify poeple.
Mr. Edels[?] (not Ewals) - it looks as if the name had been cut off at the right margin. The last letter could be a (long) s but only if there is another letter following or if the name is a abbreviated (a long s never appears at the end of a word). Strangely, the writer makes almost no difference between an "a" and an "e". The second letter is definitely not a "w", compare with the "w" at the word "wäre" one line below.
my brother could have been reached
Mr. Ring (not Mr. Riech)
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