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Submitted by Mark Moshe Steinberg

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 11/18/2012 3:58 PM
Family Surname: FISCHER
Country: Austria
Town: Czernowitz
Date of Image: 1893
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I would be grateful for a translation of this record of my relative from Czernowitz when it was in Bukowina, Austro-Hungary. I am also interested if possible in all of the small writing as well. My curiosity is definitely piqued. Thank you in advance!

Mark Moshe Steinberg

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On  Response 
11/19/2012 2:17 PM Nr. 309
day: 8th
month: August
year: 1893
place: Czernowitz
house nr: Lechen(?)gasse 19
day: 12th
month: August
year: 1893
place: Czernowitz
house nr: ?
illegitimate ("unehelich")
Moses Selig Fischer
Tailor (I think it says "Schneider" which means tailor)
Rifke, daughter of the late (profession here) Moses Granierer (unsure about the ending) and of Pepie
"Dieses Kind wurde durch die laut ?.?. Trauungsmatrik Tom IX Blatt 320 Postz. 37 am 6. März 1906 zwischen den Kindeseltern geschlossene H. legitimiert"
This child was made legitimate through the marriage of the parents of the child on March 6, 1906, as registered in the marriage register volume IX, page 320, nr. 37
Elie Beile Halpern

The paragraph under comments ("Anmerkung") is difficult to read. It says something on the lines of "Moses Selig Fischer, tailor in Czernowitz, about whom the ... witnesses say ... his name ... children" - at the end of the paragraph there are three signatures: Moses Selig Fischer, Abraham Hal... and Chaim M...
I am assuming it has something to do with the fact that Sara's parents had only had a religious marriage when the child was born, which meant the children were considered illegitimate by authorities and would usually be given the mother's surname - and in this case perhaps the father declared he was giving his surname to the child.
My best guess ...
11/19/2012 4:15 PM The street is "Lerchengasse".
The place of the namegiving was "[??] Bethaus" - [??] worshiping place.
"Schneider" - taylor is OK.
Moses Granierer was also a tailor.
Last column:
Moses Selig Fischer, Schneider
in Czernowitz, von dem die unter[-]
zeichneten Zeugen aussagen, dass
sie ihn der Person und dem Namen
nach wohl kennen, hat sich als Vater
diese Kindes erklärt und einge[-]
willigt als solcher hier eingetragen zu
werden. Cernowitz am 6 März
[The signatures of the father and the witnesses].
[There is a bracket at the right and the text:] als Zeugen
Moses Selig Fischer, tailor in Czernowitz, of which the undersigned witnesses express that they know him well personally and by name, has declared to be the father of this child and agreed to be recorded here as such.
[Signatures] / as witnesses
11/19/2012 5:32 PM The place of name giving might be "Privat Bethaus" - private place of prayer.
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