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Submitted by Peter Golob

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 11/18/2012 3:56 PM
Family Surname: Golob
Country: England
Town: London
Date of Image: 1940
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This is a certification produced in London during World War II regarding a marriage performed in 1907 in Prochkorovka, Poltava Gubernia, Ukraine. I would like a translation into English if possible. It was produced at the Jewish Institute, Mulberry Street, London. I am assuming its in Yiddish.

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On  Response 
11/20/2012 2:53 PM This is a handwritten copy of a standard "ketubah", a marriage document. It is never written in Yiddish but in a mixture of Jewish-Aramaic and Hebrew.
If you google the term "ketubah" you will probably find excellent word-for-word translations.
In these kind of documents the main info is the date, the names of the bride and groom, their fathers, and the witnesses. The rest is identical in all ashkenazi orthodox marriage documents.
Given this is a financial agreement about the amount owed to the wife in case the husband dies or divorces her, you can see if the bride was a young girl or a widow/divorcée when she married the groom according to the amount of money he promises her: 200 zuz to the former and only 100 zuz to the latter. Here he promises 200 zuz.
The date is the 5th of Adar in the year 5,667(i.e. February 19, 1907)
Groom: Moshe son of Israel
Bride: Feyge Malka daughter of Ze'ev
First witness: Yonah son of Yitzhak
Second witness: Naiman (not sure about his given name) son of Akiva.

Hope this has helped you.
11/21/2012 2:07 AM I agree with the first response, but would add:
1) the bride's father was a Levite.
2) the name of the second witness is Nissan. (But this is not important for genealogy, since the witnesses cannot be related to the parties).
3) another piece of data which can be gleaned from a ksuba is the place, but in this case it was already known, Prochorovka.
11/21/2012 9:07 AM I disagree with the second responder.
The bride's father was DEFINITELY NOT a Levite.
The responder mistook "hevi" [the word starting the traditional Aramaic/Hebrew sentence "be a wife to me according to the law of Moses and Israel"] for "haLevi". The "L" (lamed) is simply not there.

A full translation of the standard ashkenazi ketubah can be found at

Hope this has helped you some more :-)

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