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Submitted by Pamela Weisberger

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 10/3/2012 4:41 PM
Family Surname: Zechner, Liebman, Walter
Country: Ukraine
Town: Grzyamlow, Galicia
Date of Image: Sept. 1821
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I would like a translation of this document. This is the first page of an inventory of synagogue payments for the town of Grzymalow. It appears to be written in Latin. I can see the names Elkan Ferdinando Martino Liebman (unusual for Galicia!) and Elizabeth Z(T)echner, among others on this front page, with many names of townspeople on the list that follows. I'd like to know the financial arrangements explained and the importance of the people named on this cover sheet. (If one can decipher the text in the circular stamps, that would also be helpful!)(Today this town is in Ukraine, but in 1821 it was in Galicia, a province of Austria.)

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10/4/2012 3:53 AM Hi Pamela

As far as I can see the text in the circular stamp says Sechs Kreutzer and is thus the document tax payment stamp or something similar - for a payment of six Kreuzer.

Best Regards

David Birnbaum
10/4/2012 6:51 AM you don't really tell us what you know about the document. Do you identify any of the mentioned people?

Elkan Ferdinand Martin Liebmann is the only part that "really" sounds Jewish in this document. He might have been a money lender. The other names might be non-Jewish as well. I don't see anything mentioning Jews or Synagogues. It mentions farms/estates in the Grzymalow region and amounts of money. I don't see the Jewish connection.
10/6/2012 4:54 PM With the latin abbreveations and the writing I can decipher only parts.

Seems it is an "Inventarium", an economic inventory of an institution/community of the following city or the city itself (it is not clear enough to whom the inventory belongs).
It is about Grzymalow and the eastern part/village of Grzymalow called "Zamurze" and the very neighboring parts "Mazurówka Podlesie" all of it situated in the Tarnopol region. Later also "Stanislaopol" = Stanislawow is mentioned; but it could be it is only mentioned for the laws that are used. The inventory dates of 1821 but the payments date from 1820.
The first of September 20th 1820:
One sum/amount of money comes from Leopold Poelt of Poeltenberg; another amount from Elisabeth Zechner (and of/or: she had it from) Mister C... Rzewuska (?).
The second date is November 12th 1820 there the currency is different: here it could be silver rubles, perhaps of a trading company called "Stauf_ and Wiolarn"
The third date is of May(?) 8th 1820 were was payed an amount by Elkan Ferdinand Martin Liebmann (and of?) August Walter and of Leonard Walter.

I'm not sure whether this inventory was recorded for the first time on September 25th 1821 or if it was corrected at this date.

The first person mentioned is not unknown. Leopold Poelt von Poeltenberg was an advocate (and had a known son, Ernst Pölt von Pöltenberg - just in case you want to google him). He indeed does not seem to be jewish so it sounds a bit strange, this should be synagogue payments to the town of Grzymalow... And besides synagogue payments surely were payed by the jewish community and not by individuals...

So the significance of the paper and it's connection to the jewish community is more than unclear.
On the other hand it is quite obvious that economic connections with Jews and the city exist within most happenings within a city like gryzymalow with 1/3 Jews within the population and beiing the mayority of the merchants jewish. (these numbers are from 1937 but may well have been similar hundred years earlier).
And so what if there is no connection in this case? I assume the last responder thinks the Jewish connection being so important for you mentioned the synagogue payments and there are some logical incoherencies.

Having not seen the other pages I would not think this people listed on the cover page do have an outstanding importance. I would suppose it is a question of the dates of the payments.

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