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Submitted by Dennis S Wulkan

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 8/29/2012 4:23 PM
Family Surname: Ungar
Country: Hungary
Town: Boldogassony
Date of Image: 1917
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Exact translation of all of the specific information in the 10 data fields of this document which is a record of death for Adolf Ungar.

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On  Response 
8/29/2012 7:46 PM Hello Dennis,

1) Item number 87.
2) Date reported: December 26, 1917.
3) Date of death: December 24, 1917, 1:00 PM
4) Family surname, occupation, location: Ungar Adolf, Temple employee/servant in Boldogamony.
5) Religion: Izraelita/Hebrew/Jewish.
6) Age: 75 years old.
7) Wife's family surname and given name: Fischer Janka/Ianka
8) Parents family and given name: Ungar Schey?????unknown.
9) (blank)
10) Cause of death: (cannot decipher)

Hope that this gives you something with which to work...Jo
8/30/2012 9:20 AM The name of the place is Boldogasszony (not Boldogamony)
Box 8: I cannot read the first name of the mother either, but at the top it has "neh" which stands for nehai = the former i.e. the person is no longer alive.
Evidently the husband is "ismeretlen" = unknown.
Box 10: cause of death is tudolob = pneumonia
8/30/2012 9:41 AM Hi,
A few minutes ago I replied and said re Box 8 that I could not read the first name (given name) of the mother and the father's name was "unknown." Of course the more normal order is for the top name to be that of the father, not the mother. In which case the mother's name is "unknown."
Judy Young
8/30/2012 9:47 AM 1) serial number: 87
2) time of registration (year, month day): 1917. dec. 26
3) time of death (year, month, day, time of day, hour): 1917. dec. 24. afternoon. 1 o'clock

the deceased
4) family and given name, job (occupation), place of residence: ungar adolf, sexton (shammes), boldogasszony
5) religion: jewish
6) age: 75 years
7) spouse's family and given name: fischer janka
8) parents' family and given name: ungar jeheyl (?), unknown

9) place of death, if the death did not occur at the deceased's home:
10) cause of death: pneumonia
8/30/2012 9:17 PM Another version of the same record can be found at FamilySearch:

Using both images, I get (translations in parentheses where needed):

Item number 87.
Date of registration 1917 decz. 26
Date of death 1917 decz. 24 d.u. 1. óra (Dec. 24, 1917, 1 o'clock p.m.)

The deceased's
name, occupation, residence: Ungar Adolf, templom szolga (church servant), Boldogasszony
religion: izr. (Jewish)
age: 75 éves (75 years)
spouse's name: Fischer Janka
parents' names: néh. Ungar Schey (the late Schey Ungar), ismeretlen (unknown)

Place of death, if different from residence: [blank]
Cause of death: tüdölob (pneumonia)

The closest I can get to Schey in the Given Names Database is Schaye (Yiddish diminutive of Yehoshua), which has a different vowel sound, but it's conceivable that the registrar misheard it, or the local pronunciation was different.
9/2/2012 11:11 PM Dennis,

You certainly have been fortunate to get so many responses, with much valuable information for you.

In reviewing them, there are a couple of clarifications that I might be needed.

1) It is to be understood that the Hungariran word "templom" means both church and synagogue. In this context, it is understood that a person of the Jewish faith would only have served in a synagogue.

2) The name Schey is a more casual or informal form of Yehoshua, sometimes pronounced as Shaya (depending on local pronunciations or variations thereof). You might look under the spelling of Shaya in the Hungarian section of the JewishGen Given Name Database. PS...I have personally known someone with this name, so it is correct information.

Hope that all of the people's responses have given you some good information with which to work....Jo

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