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Submitted by Allan Jordan

Information Picture Question
Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 6/24/2012 8:15 PM
Family Surname: JOSEPH
Country: Poland
Date of Image: 1891
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I am trying to figure out what town Israel JOSEPH -- last line on the page -- is from. This is a revision of my earlier posting because everyone was struggling with it and wanted to see more examples of the handwriting. 23164 was the single line and 23165 is the US version of the passenger list.

Thank you!

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On  Response 
6/14/2012 3:43 AM Thanks for the entire page - this helps! Seeing the other places (e.g. Hamburg, Dänemark, Harburg) it seems to me that all people on this page are from the North of Germany or Danmark. Having a look at the line above Joseph Israel I can see that this person is from the same region because in Joseph Israel's line is just a double quote " (column "Im Staate resp. in der Provins"). For my eyes the persons five lines and seven lines above Joseph Israel are from the same region as well. If somebody could find out this region it would help alot. It could be possible that the place Joseph Israel is comming from is just a farm with own name, a village of three houses, or a place being independent in those times and nowadays just a (small) part of a city.
6/14/2012 6:55 AM Alas, the region is merely 'Russl.', short for 'Russland'=Russia.
6/14/2012 7:25 AM The town in question was in Russia, see previous line.
The occupation is "Händler" = merchant, with on old German (pre-Sütterlin) capital H that looks like an enlarged small Sütterlin h.
The town certaily does not end with an "n", the large swing at the end is an adornment.
How about Židikai, Mažeikiai 89071, Lithuania
6/14/2012 8:26 AM If you look at the US version (VM 23165) it sure looks an N at the end of the town name as well.

What a mystery!
6/15/2012 10:59 AM Maybe the initial capital letter is an elaborate "P," as in the last name written larger in entry 11. You then have "Podike" or "Podiken" which, according to the JGen Town Finder, could be a match for pre-1900 Botoki in Rossieny district, Kovno Province -- today, Batakiai in Lithuania. Hey, it's worth a shot.

6/15/2012 11:55 AM Looking at the English version, the second letter is an "i" and there appears to be a second "i" - very clear dots. ?idi? maybe?
6/16/2012 10:57 AM The town is surely modern-day Zidikai, Lithuania. I did some searching on JewishGen and there were people with the last name Iozef in that town, which would further guarantee that it's correct. The first letter is definitely an S (it matches to the name Samuel further up) and if you look closely at the second letter, there is a dot above it, but it's hard to catch because the pen was never lifted and continues into the D.
6/16/2012 7:53 PM To follow up on the final letter, in the New York list there is an "n" presumably because it was copied from the Hamburg list, and the clerk mistakenly read the last letter as an "n".
Find here more about Zidikai

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