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Submitted by Odeda Zlotnick

Information Picture Question
Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 4/15/2012 5:24 PM
Family Surname: Kilikower Meller (Blass)
Country: Austria
Town: Lemberg (Lvow, L'viv)
Date of Image: 1870
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I would be very grateful for a transcription of the Old German scipt to modern letters - especially under the Anmerkung.
Here's what I know:
Column I: Zu Lemberg geboren Tausendachthunderdsie benzig 1870
Column II: Isak Owadje
Column III: Jakob Kilikower
Column IV: Gutel Meller [u with umlaut].
Jakob Kilikower Blass and Gietel Bottwin Meller were the parents. Isak Owadje got married in teh Tempelgasse synagogue in Vienna in 1897.

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On  Response 
4/15/2012 11:06 PM Here is what your text says.
--1 Zu Lemberg im Jahre tausendachtthundert ziebenzig 1870
--2 Isak Owadje
The mark in the next column stands for 'masculin'.
--3 Jakob Kilikower hat sich zur Vaterschaft dieses Kindes bekannt.
--4 Gütel Meller : the mother
--5 Anmerkung : Zu Folge hohen Statthaltereierlasses v.(om) 23 August 1897 Z.(eite) 66264(Magistr. ?? vom 4 September 1897 Z.(eite) 73189/97 wurden die denselben Isak Owadje betreffende Post im Geburtsbuches Tom. XIII Seite 542, Postzahl 38 berichtigt, und die berichtigte Post dafür unter die Geborenen vom Jahre 1870 übertragen. Bolstechem?Matrikenführer
Matrik Z 425/1897

--1 In Lemberg in the year 1870
--2 Isak Owadje
--3 Jakob Kilikower did recognize this child as his own.
--4 Gütel Meller the mother
--5 Remark : Due to the decision of the stadtholderate of August 23, 1897, 66264, the lines, concerning the same Isak Owadje in the register of births Tome XIII, page 542, Line 38 were corrected and the corrected post is inscribed to the born ones of the year 1870.
Bolstechem? Keeper of the registers. Matrik Z 425 / 1897

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