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Submitted by Gail Fallender

Information Picture Question
Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 4/1/2012 4:15 PM
Family Surname: Hyams?
Country: USA
Town: Pittsburgh, PA
Date of Image: February 25, 1880
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I cannot identify the primary cause of death of 3-week old infant Samuel Hyams, though the secondary cause is convulsions.
Also can find no reference to Ginty's Run Cemetary in or near Pittsburgh. Does it still exist, possibly under a different name. Can anyone help? Many thanks,
Gail Fallender

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4/2/2012 12:18 AM Hi Gail,

Cause of death is Inanition. It means exhaustion caused by lack of nourishment or lack of mental or spiritual vigour and enthusiasm. These are from the Oxford dictionary online

I can't find anything on the cemetery, but it looks like is might say Gintys Rural Cemetery, which may put it outside of the city?

4/2/2012 12:44 AM Looking at this again, I think it does say Ginty's Run, not Rural as I first thought.

4/2/2012 3:26 AM 'The malnourishment associated with emaciation has been referred to as "inanition",...'

The secondary cause being "Convulsions".

Because a convulsion is often a symptom of an epileptic seizure, the term convulsion is sometimes used as a synonym for seizure.

4/2/2012 3:30 AM I suggest that "Ginty Run" may be a corruption of a Hebrew cemetery name by an American clerk who couldn't understand someone's accent.

As an example: Adath Jeshurun Cemetery

Looking at the Int'l. Jewish Cem. Project page for Allegheny County at:

It seems that Adath Jeshurun could be a possibility.
4/2/2012 3:40 AM It is Girty's Run. See Wikipedia.
4/2/2012 3:48 AM The location is probably Girtys Run. See
which is just across the river from Pittsburgh. That tells you where to look, but not what the cemetery is called now.
See also:
"Water running through the area feeds into Girty's Run near where Cemetery Lane intersects Babcock Boulevard."

Google Maps shows three cemeteries along Cemetery Lane:
West View, Northside and United.

There is also a St Nicholas Cemetery and a Beth Shalom Cemetery on the other side of the creek from Cemetery Lane, and more...
As to which ones where functioning in 1880, you might need someone with local knowledge...
4/2/2012 8:34 AM I googled "Ginty's Run" and found one hit besides your post, to an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from 1972. The article referred to the McKnight Rd commerical area in Ross Township, and also to Thompson's Run, as well as "the Ginty's Run watershed".

I looked up McKnight Rd in Ross Twp on Google Maps and searched for cemeteries nearby. One that came up was the Beth Shalom Congregation Cemetery, 1501 Anderson Road, Pittsburgh, PA, (412) 486-1997. The back of the cemetery is close to Thompson's Run Rd. That would be your best bet.

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