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Submitted by Steven Lasky

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 2/1/2012 4:15 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Poland
Town: Warsaw
Date of Image: 1919
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Please help me translate this book of regulations issued by the Yiddish Actors Union in Poland. It is a printed publication and should be fairly easy to read and translate. Thank you!

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2/4/2012 6:08 AM Page 2

Remark 3: Improvisations will be announced from the stage.

Paragraph 5: artists are obliged to know their parts thoroughly. They are given a certain period of time for the purpose of learning their parts: 4 days for ordinary texts and 7 days for complex parts and for singing.
Remark: at the 2nd rehearsal the part must be known superficially; at the 3rd rehearsal the part must be known without fail under the prompter. For plays with extensive texts the artist must know his part by heart 3 days before the première.

Paragraph 6: artists have no right to make changes or shorten their parts without the previous authorization of the stage manager.

Paragraph 7: artists must be on time for rehearsals. The stage manager and his assistant must be present 15 minutes before the given time.

Paragraph 8: artists are obliged to rehearse in the right tone of voice and at the right pace, and must repeat scenes or acts as many times as the stage manager requires.
Remark: rehearsals in low voice are only exceptionally allowed by the stage manager

Page 3

Paragraph 9: it is forbidden to rehearse while wearing a hat or a coat (by temperatures of 12° celsius), or while holding walking-sticks or umbrellas.

Paragraph 10: artists who finished rehearsing may not leave the theater without the stage manager’s permission.

Paragraph 11: artists may not make remarks to the stage manager or make any changes in the mise-en-scène (stage production).

Paragraph 12: during the last rehearsal the prompter must prompt from the booth, as asked by the stage manager

Paragraph 13: nobody is allowed to be in the avant-scène (apron) during rehearsals, except the stage manager, his assistant, and the prompter

Paragraph 14: it is strictly forbidden to smoke on the stage
Remark: exceptions are the stage manager, his assistant, and the prompter during rehearsals

Paragraph 15: it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol or play cards in the theater premises

Hope this helps some more.
Good luck!

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