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Submitted by Michael Diamant

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 9/14/2011 3:03 PM
Family Surname: Diamant
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
Date of Image: 1938
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I found two "wedding certificates" for my parents. This one and the other is document 2.jpg, which I have uploaded. What is the difference between the two documents?

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On  Response 
9/15/2011 1:16 AM There is no essential difference in the content, except some more info about the bride and the firdst names of te groom.
Nr 20124 can be made by the Jewish authorities and 20125 by the official Vienna Civil Stand. Also the dates do differ. 20124 = August 1, 1938 and
20125 = August 20, 1940.
9/15/2011 2:53 PM The civil authority added the middle names "Israel" and "Sara" as imposed by the Nazi government on Jews, while the Vienna Kehilah did not bother to follow this law. Note also that the Kehilah document bears Austrian fee stamps in schillings altough Austria was already annexed by Germany.
9/16/2011 2:41 AM This certificate, in opposition to the first, was handed out by the new administrative office for Vienna - as it says in the header "Community administration of the Reichsgau Vienna" - i.e. an office "aligned" to the German administrative system.
There is some additional information:
1. The names "Israel" and "Sara" were added to the names of the groom and bride - complying to German regulations
2. The bride is listed as "staatenlos" = stateless
3. Ignaz Diamant is listed as "Kaufmann" = merchant
4. Sigm. Reitmann is listed as "Angestellter" = employee
The text above the table says:
"This is to confirm that the marriage register of the former registry office of the Jewish community in Vienna, volume 1938, page -, row 433, contains the following entry:"
which seems to indicate the the Jewish community has ceased to exist as such as it is being referred to as "former"

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