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Submitted by Elissa S Haden

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 8/24/2011 5:07 PM
Family Surname: Kaplan
Country: Uruguay
Town: Monte Video
Date of Image: 1946
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This is Yiddish written in Hebrew.
It is supposedly the obituary of my Great Grandmother, Esther.
She died approx 1946 on a trip from NJ to visit her son (from her first marriage with a different last name as hers...last name Kadelubak (sp?) who lived in Monte Video, Uruguay. She was buried in Uruguay.
My cousin located this document and we are hoping it contains some info on her, possibly date of birth, place... anything that is available to help us locate the rest of her family.
Thanks so much... in advance!

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On  Response 
8/24/2011 6:12 PM looks like it is actually a death notice informing people about the funeral, not an obituary:

left in sorrow: son, daughter in law, grandchildren and great grandchildren
in deep sorrow we inform you of the death of our dearly beloved grandmother and great-grandmother
and we invite all of our friends and acquaintances to come and pay last respects to the dead whose funeral will be today, August 26 at 2:30 (procession) starting from her last dwelling Huelia Herrora E Abem 1618, then to the cemetery in Lo Paz.

(signed) those left in sorrow:
Mauricio, Manya, and Berto Kadlubak
8/24/2011 6:23 PM Thank you for the translation!
Now, I am a bit upset to see she was buried with the last name of Kadlubak, when that was not her last name. :(
Mr. Kadlubak passed away and she was married to Louis Kaplan, who had passed away by this point, but she had one child y Louis Kaplan, my Grandfather, Simon.
But her legal last name was Kaplan.
Thanks you again!
I was hoping to get more info, but finding out her son's name is a good thing. I really appreciate it!

8/24/2011 8:30 PM Does anyone know was the OB"M after her name stands for?
8/24/2011 10:36 PM The first translator probably meant "Of Blessed Memory" - the letters after the name are actually an abbreviation of "Peace be on her" (Aleyha Hashalom)- an expression used when talking (or writing) about people who passed away.

The third person in the signature is clearly Berta, not Berto.
8/28/2011 3:48 AM A few remarks.

First - Just for your info: Yiddish IS written in Hebrew letters, so I don't quite understand why you say that "this is Yiddish written in Hebrew" as if it was something out of the ordinary...

Second - the city's name is Montevideo, just in one word.

Third - the name of the street is Julio Herrera y Obes 1618 in downtown Montevideo.

Fourth - the deceased is Ester Wallach de (and not "da") Kadlubok, and the mourners are Mauricio, Mania, and Berta Kadlubok (and not "Kadlubak")

Fifth - the deceased was buried in La Paz.

Hope this helps.
8/28/2011 1:36 PM Thanks for the responses.

Ite, I thought it was Hebrew, I didn't realize it was Yiddish until I had an Israeli friend try to translate for me. The reason I wrote Yiddish in Hebrew, so people would know the correct language. To me... it just looks like Hebrew.

Can anyone tell me if it says the year?
I have known for years about the Cemetery La it is the only Jewish Cemetery in Montevideo. Nobody is in charge of records or maintenance or at least nobody was the last time I tried to get in touch with them. :(

Can I possibly get a confirmation on the spelling of the last name from others?
Kadlubak or Kadlubok?


8/28/2011 2:43 PM You can see for yourself that it is Kadlubok and not Kadlubak because the thick big letters in the middle of the announcement are her name and you can see that there is a little "T" under the letter before last on the left-hand side (Yiddish is written from right to left).
Now this "T" is an "O" in Yiddish

8/28/2011 3:19 PM I wanted to add that it is not true that nobody is in charge at La Paz.
Since there is no date on the announcement I wonder where you found the year 1946 you mention?
Do you know the name of the newspaper or magazine where this announcement was published?
8/28/2011 4:17 PM I have endlessly tried to contact the people at La Paz through numerous avenues, ie: Local Cemeteries, locals and Jewish Communities in Montevideo. I was never successfully put in touch with anyone who could look up records.
As for the date of 1946 that could be wrong. My Great Grandfather, Esther's husband, died in 1944 and my Dad believed Esther left for her final trip from NJ to Montevideo when he was 10 years old, which would have made that, the end of 1945. So if she died that August we figured it was 1946. But now he says that could be wrong. But he was approx 10 years old when he last saw her. So plus or minus a year or two maybe.

I now know that she was buried with her son's family... so she should be easier to find since I have him first name now and the correct spelling of Kadlubok.
6/18/2015 3:16 AM one word was omitted in translations and that can shed light which year it was
august 26 was thursday in 48'(also in 43' but not 44'-47')
the hebrew date is 21st of Av(if the funeral was the day of the "petira"

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