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Submitted by Ralph N Baer

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Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 3/9/2011 7:12 PM
Family Surname: Hofheimer
Country: Germany
Town: Buttenhausen
Date of Image: about 2003
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This image was first posted in 2004 as #788. A recent replier suggested that I repost it. The first line is Baruch ben Y(aakov) A(rie) Hofheimer. My main question is what is stated in the third line which appears to contain the name Rivka, although the rest also interests me? Was Rivka the mother of Baruch? Jacob-Loew Wolf (Yaakov Arie ben Benyomin) was married twice - to Regine and Gidel. Other documents state that Baruch's mother was Gidel, but Rivka could have been Regine's Hebrew name.

I add that the Buttenhausen cemetery has been restored and the letters have been repainted, probably by someone who does not know Hebrew.

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On  Response 
3/10/2011 3:27 AM Baruch means blessed, the text writes
Was as his name blessing to his household people.

I am afraid that the 3rd line says דבקה with a Daled rather than Resh and it says his soul followed God and than - God blessing was upon him.
I am not sure but this version makes much more sense in the text than the name Rivka. Sorry.
3/10/2011 4:31 AM The first translation is correct.

The third line says "His soul clung to the Lord and the Lord's blessing followed him".

There is no Rivka in the text, the the phrase "nafsho davka b" ("his soul clung to" is a well known one.
3/11/2011 1:43 AM I agree with the above 2 responses - It is a Daled (D) and not a Reish (R) and so that makes the word (stuck to - DAVKA) and not Rivka.
3/14/2011 7:59 AM Translation, line to line :

1) Here lies
2) Baruch B[endit]Hofheimer, who was fearing God.
3) Through his name, the blessing was among the members 4) of his family (txt. "house"). His soul was clung to God,
5) and the blessing of haShem (= God) was in his footsteps. The third day
6) of Chol haMoed Sukkot 633, he went up to Heaven.

(I can't read well the little Hebrew letters; they are an abbreviation of a whole sentence).

The name Baruch means "blessed", so at the 3rd line "Through his name" plays with the signification.

The third day of Chol haMoed Sukkot 633 = 19 Tishri 5633) = Monday 21 October 1872

All the best.

France, Paris
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