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Submitted by Patricia Klindienst

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 2/2/2011 4:15 PM
Family Surname: Wohlman / Vollman
Country: Poland
Town: Stettin / Szczecin
Date of Image: February 15, 1948
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Page 3 of Roza's letter. It's particularly important for us to understand what she is saying about her name, and to be able to decipher her address, in case we can track her that way.

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On  Response 
2/3/2011 10:52 AM Hallo,

I'll translate the letter in English. But I'll need a little time.

The letter is written by Rosa Wohlman from Pnempt(?), now living in Scezcein (former Stettin), Jagielonska 14 in Poland.


Claus Pfeiffer
2/4/2011 9:27 AM Good evening, If possible, Iigive you the translation of the 3 docs.
Stettin 15.2.1948
My dearest cousin,
It certainly is fate that I write you this time because in the war I lost everything and exactly this week I found your address between our documents which your dear parents gave me when I was with them in Vienna. Now I will surely know where the dear parents and the brother are ; I wan to hope that you are together, because it was not possible to stay in Vienna. I hope to receive a fast answer from you with the address of your dear parents.
I still believe you surely will remember the name of dear Klara, Rosa Wohlman from Przemyl. That will be sufficient I believe. In short, I with my dear husband and both sons, the one a doctor , the second a lawyer at the university for world trade, we fortunately kept alive, but lost the whole family. We survived the war in Lemberg as Arians, very difficult …
...but nevertheless, two years we are here and have a fine business but not for a long time, also here we live as Arians and in fear.
This time I do not want to write much. We ask you to explain how you live and how your dear parents do. It would make us happy to receive your massage. Where is the aunt Schönberg with family and the aunt Regina from Poris? and how are you all doing.
How is the address of uncle Max in America? My sons still are unmarried, because no one suitable did remain, I mean in life.
I write this letter with great joy because I found the address for there is left that few of the family-terrible. Here I had four brothers with family . All murdered by Hittler. ((written with double t))
Please do write in detail and send me a photo. Next time I send you ours.
I close my letter with many cordial greetings and kisses to you and Klara and your dear unknown husband and your dear parents. The dear Meniger? greet you cordially.
Rose Wohlman from Prempt?
now Rozia Wolak Szezccin Jagielonska 14 Poland

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