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ViewMate Posting VM 17879

Submitted by Patricia Klindienst

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 2/2/2011 4:15 PM
Family Surname: Wohlman / Vollman
Country: Poland
Town: Stettin / Szczecin
Date of Image: February 15, 1948
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Page on of a three page letter.
I need a full translation of this three page letter from German to English. This is Roza Wohlman / Vollman's letter to her cousin, explaining how she hid from the Nazis and survived the war. It belongs to a Genner (daughter of the letter's recipient) who saw my earlier posting on Roza Vollman, a niece of Abram and Sophie Spiwak's, who lived in Capresti, Romania in 1929. The family never heard from this Roza again. In order to figure out if there is any connection between these two women or their families, we need a translation of the letter.

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2/7/2011 4:22 AM Stettin, Febr 15th, 1948

My dear cousin

Certainly it’s a determination me writing to you - because during the war I lost all. This week I found among our documents your adress. It was given to me during my staying in Vienna by your beloved parents. Now, I want to learn where live the bel. parents and the brother. I hope you are living together, because it wasn’t possible to stay at Vienna. I hope to get quickly an answer by you and an information about the adresse of the bel. parents.

I think, dear Klare, you will remember the name “Rosa Wohlman” from Premysil. I think that’s information enough.

My bel. husband, our both sons (one of them a physician, the other a law-student with the “Hochschule fuer Welthandel” (University of World Trade). We are alive - all the others of our family we lost. During the war we lived at Lemberg as Aryans. It was very difficult. But, since two years we stay here, we carry on a nice business. We won’t to do it in permanance. Here we live as Aryans, but we live in anxiety.

Today I won’t to write much. Please give me an answer how you feel and what the bel. parents are doing. I will be glad to get an information by you where beeing aunt Schoenberg with Emilie and aunt Regine from Paris. How are you all?

What’s the adress of uncle Maks from America? My sons are still unmarried. Nobody convenient survived.

I write this letter with much gladness after finding your adresse. It remained so little. I had four brothers with families – all became murdered by Hitler.

Please, send me a detailed letter und your fotos. Next time my fotos I’ll send to you.

I’ll end my lertter with many warm greetings and kisses to you, bel. Klara, to yout bel. still unknown husband and to your bel. parents.

My family is greeting you very cordially.

Rosa Wohlmann from Premysl


Rózie Wolak
Scezcin, Jagielonska 14 Poland

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