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ViewMate Posting VM 17372

Submitted by Ronnie Hess

Information Picture Question
Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 11/28/2010 6:15 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Germany
Date of Image: c. 1840
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I would be grateful for a translation of what has been written behind the picture of the pastel of a woman dressed in pink ribbons. (See other ViewMate submission -- "Pink Lady.")

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On  Response 
11/29/2010 3:07 AM Dear Ronnie,

the text is definitely German in hand-written Gothic script. It starts out with the words "Dieses Bild ..." (This picture ...). These words occur again in the fifth line where the painter is described: "Dieses Bild ist von dem alten Ma(h)ler Barder (?) gemacht ..." (This picture was done by the old painter ...). The words "meine Mutter" (my mother) in line 7. A better reproduction could possibly allow more deciphering.
With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, Fritz Neubauer
11/29/2010 3:31 AM the mother's maiden name was Schimmelburg (second line: eine geb. Schimmelburg [...]).
3rd line from the middle to end of 4th line say: died on 4 Dec 1831 (gestorben am vierten Dezember 1831).
The painter whose name I read as 'Bardu' made this picture when the mother was 48 years old and she died at the age of 50 "and the picture belongs to my daughter Emma."
undersigned by: Isaui(?) David Bertram
11/29/2010 3:49 AM line 2 includes the words "eine geb. Schimmelburg" (mother's maiden name?)
Line 4 has the date "vierten Dezember 1834" (4th Dec 1834).
Line 7-9 says "...meine Mutter 48 Jahre alt gestorben zu 50 Jahre und(?) gefä?? meine tochter Emma" (my mother aged 48 died at 50 .... my daughter Emma)
The final line is signed Isaac David Bertram.
11/29/2010 6:25 AM Googling with the names Bertram and Schimmelburg I found a German webpage that names Jewish citizens in the region of Altenkichen (Westerwald - east of Koblenz). The owner of the webpage did extensive research in that area, you can contact him on his page

About the painting: in times when photography was not avaiblabe yet, painters had their portretwork rationalized for fast production. It looks like a standardized background: body, arms, hands are perhaps even done by another person than the face, which is much more detailed. Sometimes travelling artists arrived with pre-prepaired canvases or little ivory tablets for miniatures.
11/30/2010 12:05 AM in addition to what was already translated, the place of death of the lady, nee Schimmelburg, is Oschersleben.
The text is signed by Isaac David Bertram. He seems to be documented on this page:

Isaac David BERTRAM
15 Jul 1806 - ____
BIRTH: 15 Jul 1806, Oschersleben
Father: Abraham Lazarus BERTRAM

Family 1 : Bertha SEELIG
MARRIAGE: 15 Sep 1836
Nathaniel Alexander BERTRAM
Schimme Siegmund BERTRAM
Family 2 : Betty HIRSCH
MARRIAGE: 20 Jul 1845, Berlin
11/30/2010 6:30 AM Hello Ronnie,
googling again with Bertram Oschersleben google books has an entry from Judenbürgerbücher in Berlin: Isaac David Bertram with slightly more information than the previous comment - occupation, adresses, military record etc.
Once more about the text: 'von dem alten Mahler Bard..'
could not be a name at all, in old German texts you can read about Barden, which are respected singers, writers or painters in a general sense. Therefore, I suggest you have someone go over the picture out of the frame, there might be a signature on the painting itself. Is there anything written on the smaller piece of paper?
11/30/2010 7:28 AM Dieses Bild [...] Mutter
eine geb. Schimmelburg zu gr
Oschersleben gestroben den
vierten Dezember 1834.
Dieses Bild ist von dem alten
Maler Bardu gemacht und von
meine Mutter 48 Jahre alt
gestorben zu 50 Jahren
und gehört meine Tochter
Isaac David Bertram

This picture [...] mother, nee Schimmelburg, in Gross-Oschersleben, died on Dec. 4, 1834. This picture was made by the old painter Bardu of my mother, 48 years old, died [when she was] 50 years [old], and it belongs to my daughter Emma.
Isaac David Bertram

Gross-Oschersleben, today: Oschersleben (Bode), Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany.
It is not clear if the mother lived or died in Gr. Oschersleben, probably both.

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