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Submitted by Lawrence Frankel

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 7/28/2010 4:40 PM
Family Surname: Elias
Country: France
Town: Hochfelden
Date of Image: 1771
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This is the ketubah of my great-great-great-great grandparents Lippman Elias and Rachel Alexander from 1771 in Alsace. I think it's Hebrew. Would like as complete a translation as possible. (This is part I.)
Larry Frankel

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On  Response 
7/26/2010 12:56 AM It's not Yiddish, it's Hebrew. The writing is difficult for me to read and many ketubot use a mix of Hebrew and Aramaic and are hard even for Israelis to understand -- suggest that you take this to your nearest friendly rabbi.

Good luck, Miriam.
8/17/2013 10:36 PM Larry,
I know it is 3 years after your post on ViewMate, but I have an interest in Alsatian marriage contracts so I will add a bit of info about the first page.

Terms of the agreement agreed to by the two parties at the time of the Chuppah on Wednesday, the 15th day of Shevat, 5531 (30 January 1771) in Hochfelden.

The first party: "Aluf and Katzin (honorifics) Eliahu son of Samuel (of blessed memory) representing his son, the young man and groom, Eliezer, known as Lippmann, from Hochfelden.


The second party: Aluf and Katzin Nachum from (illegible), the Apotropos (Talmudic term for financial guardian) of the orphan bride, the previosly unmarried Reichel, daughter of Ziskind (of blessed memory) from Soultz.

Among the conditions, the groom's father agrees to provide one half of a house in Hochfelden, as well as one half of a garden and associated outbuildings.

The ketubah amount is 450 gold pieces.

As an aside, the Alsace census of 1784 lists Lippmann Elias as still living in Hochfelden with his spouse Reichel and five children, Schmulen, Reffgele, Zerle, Beyele, and Blumel. They were household number three in Hochfelden. As you can see the French census takers tried their best, but somewhat mangled the spellings of the Hebrew names of the one son and four daughters.

Good luck with your family history,

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