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Submitted by Arnold Davidson

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 7/14/2010 4:29 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Poland
Town: Lomza
Date of Image: 1927
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This enlargement is from the eastern half of a map in a Lomza Yizkor book. The original is posted on a companion Viewmate.

I would appreciate help in deciphering the names of the sites written on this map. I can discern talmud torah, hakhnosat orkhim, groiser bet mikdash,and possibly yeshiva but I would appreciate confirmation and any other names that you might be able to decipher.

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On  Response 
7/9/2010 12:02 PM The original can be found at in the Lomza(1957) Yizkor book, page 2, right after the cover. You will need to install the Mr. Sid plugin to enlarge the pages.
7/10/2010 11:31 PM The sites I found
Lamzener bruk - Lomza bridge
Alter beit olam - old cemetery
Gmilat chasadim - charity
Groiser beit midrash
Yiddisher shpital - Jewish hospital
Talmud Torah
Hachnasat orchim - hospitality
Schul - synagogue
Platz Zedrowski (not sure about the name) - Zedrowski square

8/12/2010 10:40 PM I'd like to help you with some of your Yiddish locations. I do have a copy of the Lomza Map, but do not know how to tell you where what is located. The enlarged image is impossible to work with.

On the left, the cross-hatched, almost rectangle says: Spatzir Garten (a place to walk around, I presume!)

The "boot shaped" area to the left of the square with the 3 Christian Tombstones (?) Appears to say Goldlust Gymnasia.

The large unbounded area about in the middle says, Alter Mark (I presume the old market area). And the square area a few sections to the left of this says Neu Mark, the new market.

To the left of the road that angles from the top of the map downward, is the Platz Spitalnu (Hospital Square?) and below it, the Polishe Hospital. The street next to it looks like Spitalny.

I conform the items you see in the rectangle with the dashes dividing it into those entities, with Yeshiva in the rectangle to its right. The words on the left corner of the divided rectangle say, Gmilut Chasadim.

The rectangle on the right with the "matzevos" says Alter Bet Olam (Old cemetery)

OK, Hope that helps you!


Madeleine Isenberg

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