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Submitted by James Weiner

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 5/19/2010 4:31 PM
Family Surname: Einbund or Ainbund
Country: Russia
Date of Image: 1948
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I believe that these are pages 1 (on the right) and 4 (on the left) from a four-page letter that was sent from Russia to my paternal grandmother Rose EINBUND in Pittsburgh. (The numbers on the bottom of each page are mine. They could be wrong.) -------- The letter seems to be dated the 30th of __? 1948. My Grandmother came to the US from Russia in 1913. I don't know the name of the writer or where he/she was located in the USSR. I'd like to have this letter translated from Russian to English.-------------------- Pages 2 and 3 are posted on Viewmate # VM 15415.---------------- Thanks again for all of the great help!!

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On  Response 
5/20/2010 5:48 AM PAGE 1:

Rogica (?) July 30, 1948
Writing to you is your sister Rita! I came to Rogica as a guest to see all of my sisters and brother. I have not been here in a while and my relatives strongly asked me to come and I decided to use my vacation to come here to Rogica and spent time with relatives. Dears, right before the vacation I got a letter from you. Thank you Aisik for your letters to us! Tanya wrote you our address. I also send a lot of letters, but don't receive any responses for some reason. Dears, I am of course very happy that I came to see all our [relatives]. El'ka (Elya)'s daughters are very handsome. She is very sad about Yakov's death. Beila(?) our sister is getter older and not too healthy. Brother Aron is also getting older. Years are taking their turn. Rogica(?) is the same, quiet and green town, not as [the end of the page]

Notes: I can't read what is the name of the town they lived in, something like Rogica or Regica or Ryagica
5/20/2010 6:48 AM This letter is quite rich in family information.
The hometown and the place where this letter is written from is Rechitsa, Belarus.

The name of the writer is Gita Vayner who at the time lived in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. She appears to be your Grandmother's sister. Another sister's name is Beyla. And there was a brother Yakov whom she mentions. Both appear to have been living in Rechitsa with their families at the time of her visit there (that was the reason for Gita visiting there in the first place). She comments on how the town is the same...

I hope you find this valuable.

Pittsburgh, PA
5/20/2010 12:58 PM PAGE 4:
... if he can send us material for the winter coat [some details about the request]. Write to us at our Dnepropetrovsk address that you used before. Brother Aron and sisters Beila and El'ka with their families say hi. Write about yourselves and about everything else.

Be healthy dear relatives , don't forget us.

Sister Rita (or Gita?),

My address:
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Zheleznaya #20, apt 32
Vainer Rita (or Gita?)

ps my last name in the passport is Vainer

Hope this helps,

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