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ViewMate Posting VM 15182

Submitted by James Weiner

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 4/28/2010
Family Surname: Einbund or Ainbund
Country: Belarus
Town: Parichi / Shchedrin
Date of Image: 1914
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This card was sent from Russia to my paternal grandmother Rose EINBUND in Pittsburgh in 1914. She emigrated from Russia, from Parichi in Belarus, in 1912. ------ [Note: The translator below has pointed out that the card is not, as I thought, from my grandmother's father. It is from her "friend Tsadok Stashevski(en?)" (Thanks!) -------------------
I'd like to have the postcard translated from Yiddish to English. ----- I've also posted the front of the card, which appears to be in Russian. It's VM 15183. The card must have been forwarded to the US in an envelope. ------ Thanks (again!!) for all of the great help! --------

PS (The fragment at the bottom of the card is the bit of writing that runs along the card's lower left side.)

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On  Response 
4/22/2010 The letter is addressed to "my dear friend Reizl" and sent from "You friend Tsadok Stashevski(en?)"
5/4/2010 7:27 AM To my much beloved friend Rayzl in the beginning of my writing I can write you that I find myself in the best of health God willing not [worse] to hear from you next I have recieved you letter and I have read it with much pleasure next you wrote me that you made xxx with xxxx dough (?) xxx that with health next I can write you that I sent you a card [photograph from the context] I ask of you that when you recieve it you will reply soon next I ask of you that you too should send me a card if you get photographed next [don't understand this] here very good [or "very well"] only one things disturbs me very much that I can't see you before you go [travel] away next there's nothing new with me also I ask of you when [if] you go [away], should you go away [?] send a letter whether you go [travel] whether you don't I wan to know and when you reply write this (-) if you're going away or not I want to xxxxx with you whether in person whether by letter next what else should I write you(,) write me what how the holiday [yontef] passed for you and how goes xxxx by you the time [might be an idiom I don't recognize] write me about everything xxxx answer me soon xxxx nothing new for me to write about stay healthy as ever [?] wishes you xxx xxxx your friend who is waiting for a rapid reply(,) from me Tsodok (?) Stoshevski I ask of you once more that when you recieve it you should answer me soon Tzodok Stoshevski [or Stashevskine] xxx.

I beg for a rapid reply.

"Avek forn" is to go away -- but literally, to "travel away" - it implies distance, a trip taken.
I translated "Ich bet dir" as "I ask of you" but it could also be "I beg you to" or , I think, like the older term of request in Englisb "I pray you to.."
The word "next" clearly replaces "full stop".

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