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Submitted by Nancy Maxwell

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 3/28/2010
Family Surname: Pliskin
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I would like a translation of this brief biography of David Pliskin from the "Biographical Dictionary of Modern Yiddish Literature" published in 1968.

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On  Response 
4/3/2010 Dear Nancy,

please would you like to send me the picture with a higher resolution?
I've tried the Yiddish transliteration yesterday, but -as you can see- I am not quite sure with it, yet. The characters are too small for my eyes....

Pliskin, Dovid- 1889- sof(?) Yuli(?) 1942
geb. in Plisi(?), Minsker gegnt, Vaysrusland.
gelernt in kheyder.
Tsu 10 yor gevorn a yosem un gevaksn bay kroyvim.
zey hobn im in 1910 gebrakht keyn London.
dortn zikh oysgelernt shnayderay.
biz 1917 geven tetik in Londoner Poale-Tsion-Bavegung, beys der revolutsye, tsurikgeforn keyn Rusland un zikh bateylikt in dem birger-krig oyf Ukraine.
in 1919 gekumen keyn Poyln un biz 1924 gelebt in Varshe.
dernokh biz der natsisher okupatsye fun Frankraykh, gelebt in Pariz.
debyutirt mit a lid in "di tsayt", London, 1910.
sint demolt gedrukt lider, kinder-mayselekh un ferzn in der iker kinder-lider in "di tsayt" , "der Yidisher ?", "obend-nayes", London; "arbeter-tsaytung", "fraye yugnt", literarishe bleter, ringen. "der fraynd", un azoy vayter (abbr.) Varshe; "arbeter-shtime", "Parizer bleter", "Parizer shriftn", "Parizer zshurnal" (journal), "naye prese", un azoy vayter (abbr.) , "Parizn yidishe kultur"(?). "morgn-frayheyt", (may his light shine?, abbr.); kultur (?), Shikage, un azoy vayter (abbr.). in bukhforem: "in gang", "lider", Varshe, 1936, 96 ..?, "a finderishe malokhe" (?), "kinder-lider", Pariz, 1937, 78 ..?; "vunderland", lider, poemen un mayselekh in ferzn, Pariz, 1938, 75 ?. dem 16tn Yuli 1942, hot im di natsishe geshtapo avekgeshikt in lager Drancy, men hot im deportirt keyn Oyshvi(ts?) un dort iz er umgebrakht gevorn.

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