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Submitted by Allan S Karan

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 11/4/2009
Family Surname: GOLDBERG
Country: USA
Town: NYC
Date of Image: 2010 11 04
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This grave stone is of Jennie EISEN GOLDBERG’s brother Philip GOLDBERG and I am looking for his father’s name (Which should be MAX) and the English equivalent.

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11/4/2009 Hello Allan,

Philip Goldberg's Jewish name was Pesach, and his father's name was either Mechel or Mihael. Mechel is probably a Yiddish name and was commonly used in the 1800s. The spelling seems to use the Yiddish vowels, so my guess is that it was probably Mechel. (Hebrew does not use vowels, even though the consonants are the same.)

Good luck...Jo
11/5/2009 The person's name is Pesach [same as the Hebrew name for Passover]

His father's name is Michael.

There are no Englis equivalent to Hebrew name. Michael may of course also be Mike.

Itzik Katz
11/5/2009 His Hebrew name is Pesach

His father was Mi'cha'el
11/5/2009 Pesach ben Michal
11/5/2009 the father's name is Michael - a perfect Hebrew name, in this case applicable in English too...
11/5/2009 Here lies Pesach son of Michael, died 3 Sivan 5727. Rest in peace.

There are no rules about English equivalents of Hebrew names. This "Michael" could have called himself whatever he felt like calling himself: Max, Mike, Joe or Harry.

3 Sivan 5727 corresponds to June 11, 1967.
11/5/2009 Here lies Pesach ben Michal, died 3 Sivan, 5726.
The logical English equivalent to Michal is Michael, but Max is just as possible.

Chuck Weinstein
Deer Park, NY
11/5/2009 Here lies Pesach son of Michael
died 3 Sivan 5727.
11/5/2009 This name is Pesach, son of Mechael, or Michael.
11/5/2009 Pesach son of rabbi Michael
died 3 Sivan Tav Shin Kaf Zain (727)
11/5/2009 here rests
Pesach son of reb Michael

There is no English equivalent for Pesach (Passover) and he chose Philip.
Michael (Mi-cha-el) is a Hebrew name which could have been pronounced the English way.
11/5/2009 The stone reads:
Here Lies
Pessach son of Michael
Died 3rd day of Sivan, 5727
May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

Hope this helps!
Professor Morton M. Esterson
Loyola University Maryland
11/5/2009 "here is buried
pesah son of mr mikhael
died 3 sivan 5727
may his soul be bound up in the bond of life"

there is no such thing as an equivalent name.
11/5/2009 Here Lies
Pesach son of Micha'el (CLEARLY says this)
Died the 3rd day of the Hebrew month of Sivan
Mayhis sould be bound up in hte bond of eternal life
11/5/2009 Allan,
This one is Pesach son of Michael, died 3rd of Siven, and the Hebrew year.
11/6/2009 The Hebrew name reads as Pesach son of Michael
11/6/2009 In Hebrew Philip was called Pesach and his father's name is Michael .
11/6/2009 from what i can see the name is Pesach son of Michal
i see he was born in april so presumably during pesach/passover. a common name in these cases
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It is Max (hebrew Mical)

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Philip's Hebrew name is Pesach bar (son of) Michael.
Good luck,
Joe Freedland

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