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Submitted by Allan S Karan

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 11/4/2009
Family Surname: GOLDBERG and EISEN
Country: USA
Town: New York City
Date of Image: 2009 11 04
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This grave stone is of Jennie EISEN GOLDBERG and I am looking for the translation of her fatherís name and the English equivalent.

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11/4/2009 Hello Allan,

Jennie Goldberg's father's name was Fishel Leib. The word-for-word translation is as follows: Fishel = fish, and Leib = heart. Somehow that might not make sense to you, but that is what I found in the translation of Jewish names on the Internet. You might wish to check that out, too. These names were probably proper and attractive given names for that period of time. Also, usually the boy baby was given the name of a male member of the family who had passed away prior to the child's birth. It was an honor to be able to perpetuate that deceased relatives memory by naming a newborn after him.

Hope that this helps....Jo
11/5/2009 The deceased Hebrew name is pronounce more or less as Genandle [it is mor of a Yiddish name]

Her father's name is pronounced as Fishel Leib.

There is no equivalent English name that I know of to either names.

Fishel is a Yiddish name not a Hebrew one.

Leib in Yiddish would many times translate to Arieh or Yehuda in Hebrew. Leib means Lion [Arieh in Hebrew] and Lion was the simbol of the tribe of Yehuda so many times people connect them.

Itzik Katz
11/5/2009 Her name is Genendel.
Her Fathers name is Fishel Leib

There is no exact English equivilent
Fishel means "little fish"
Leib is heart or lion
11/5/2009 Genandel bat Pesel Leib
11/5/2009 the father's name is Fischel Leib
any English equivalent is possible.
11/5/2009 Here lies Genendl daughter of Fishel Leib, died 5 Tishri 5714.

There are no rules for the English equivalent of a Hebrew name. "Fishel Leib" could have called himself whatever he wanted to in English, perhaps but not necessarily starting with an "F". If Fishel Leib lived and died in the "old country" he probably did not have an English name.

The date corresponds to September 14, 1964.
11/5/2009 Here lies Genendel bat Fishel Leib, died 5 Tishri, 5714.
Fishel Leib could have any number of English equivalents, Philip Louis being among the more likely. There are few English equivalents to Hebrew/Yiddish names.

Chuck Weinstein
Deer Park, NY
11/5/2009 Here Lies (two-letter acronym)
Gendel daughter of Mr. Feshel Le'ev
Died on the 9th of Tishri 5714
May her soul be bound up for life eternal (5-letter acronym)

Good luck!
11/5/2009 The name is Genandel, daughter of Fishel Leib. There are no guaranteed equivalences, but Frank Louis might be one combination.
11/5/2009 Gnendel of Rabbi Fishel Leib
died 8 Tishrey Tav Shin Yod Dalet (714)
11/5/2009 "here is buried
genedel daughter of mr fishel leib
died 5 tishrei of 5714
may her soul be bound up in the bond of life"

there is no such thing as an equivalent name.
11/5/2009 Allan,
Jennie's Hebrew name is Genendil (which I had never heard of before. It's in the jewishgen Given Names Data Base), daughter of Fishel Lev. She died on the 5th of Tishrei (the Hebrew calendar year is also given).
Good luck,
11/5/2009 Here lies Genendel daughter of Fishel Leyb
Died 5 Tishri 5714
May her soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life
11/6/2009 The names in Hebrew read Gnendel daughter of Fishel Leyb.
The father's name is Fishel Lieb . Fishel comes from the word 'fish' and Lieb- means Lion. These names were usually taken from verses from the bible.
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Here lies Grendel daughter of Fisl (Phillip) Layv.
died 5th of Tishri (Sept.Oct0 1951

May their souls be bound in eternal rest

11/9/2009 She is Gnendl (or Gnendel) daughter of Fischel Loeb (or Lev). An English equivalent of this could be Philip, but there are many other possibilities, unfortunately.
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Jennie's Hebrew name is Genendel bat (daughter of) Reb (a term of respect- like Mr.) Fischel Leib. What he would have been called in English, I don't know.
Good luck,
Joe Freedland
11/9/2009 Genendal (Jennie) daughter of Rav Fishel Leib, d. 5th of Tishre...
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Here is buried
Gnendek, daughter of Mr. Fishel Leib
Deceased 5 Tishrei 5714 (14th of September 1953)

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