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Submitted by Bruce Drake

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 10/18/2009
Family Surname:
Country: USA
Town: Kovel
Date of Image: 1933
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This is a document from Kovel Voleener landsmanschaftn that was in the YIVO Insitute archive. I was hoping to get it translated.

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10/19/2009 The document is in Yiddish.
It is an invitation to a meeting on 16 Sep 1933 in the schul, to decide how to proceed regarding the upcoming winter; whether it should proceed with its work.
10/19/2009 Bruce,
This is in Yiddish. It announces a special meeting of the society (Sept. 16 1933, 137 Henry St.), I think it's to pass an assessment for their winter operations, or something like that. There are two names in the notice: Itshak Karsh, President, and Izzy Miller, Vice-President.

Alan Shuchat, Newton, Mass.
ahs613 at gmail dot com

SHUKHAT (Talnoye, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Odessa, Balta (Abazovka),
Tavrig, Pogrebishche)
VINOKUR (Talnoye), KURIS (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Ataki, Berdichev)
ZILBERMAN (Soroki, Kremenets), BIRNBAUM (Kamenets-Podolskiy)

10/19/2009 This is very interesting--very mixed language--some Yiddish--some using Hebrew letters to form English words.

It is about invting everyone to a SPECIAL MEETING (Hebrew letters)
At 8:30 in the evening on September 16, 1933 at the shul at 137 Henry Street.

It is for something for the "Winter Undertaking" (as in project or program???)

It is signed by Yitchok Karsh, President and Isaac Miller, VIce President and they wish everyone the traditional high hoildays greeting. It is probably tot he "brothers" in the lodge.

The word "meeting" (Hebrew letters for ENglish word) is used a lot.
10/19/2009 It is not in Hebrew, but in Yiddish !

Between the 2 hands, it is in English written with Hebrew letters "special meeting".

It is an invitation for Sabbath 13 Sep 1933? at 8 p.m. in "our" synagogue, 137, Henry Street, New York.

At the bottom, greetings for the coming Rosh haShana.

The president : Isaac Karsh
The vice-president : Isy Miller.

Tell me if you want a complete translation.

All the best.

Avraham MALTHETE, Paris, France.
10/19/2009 Dear Brother!

You are invited to attend a

-special meeting-

On Saturday Sept. 16 1933 at 8 O'clock in the evening, in our synagauge on 137 Henry St. NY

Since it was decided that the society will be going through an undertaking the coming winter and there is a possibilty that our brothers will have to be taxed for the Winter Undertaking.

Therefore it was agreed to inform our brothers through letters that they should attend and decide what type of Undertaking will be more beneficial for the society so the organization can continue in its efforts, in this project the society needs your help.

with hopes to see you all at the meeting and taking part in the negotiations.

we wish you a "Ketiva Vachtima Tova" to the new year.

Yitzchok (Isaac) Korsch, President
Izzy Miller, Vice President
10/20/2009 Hi Bruce,
I believe you contacted me (and members of my family)once about Zlotnicks - no, we are apparently not related.

At any rate, the document is in Yiddish, only the letters are Hebrew.

It's about a "special meeting" (English tranliterated into Yiddish)of the "society" (also transliterated)on Saturday Sept. 16 1933 at 8 o'clock in the evening in "our synagogue" 137 Henry st. N.Y.
I don't know enough Yiddish to say what the meeting is about.
It contains good wishes for the new year in it, and is signed by "Yithak Karsh, President" and "Izzy Miller" Vice President (both roles transliterated from English).

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