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Submitted by Lynn R Arroyo

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 8/23/2009
Family Surname: Troianski
Date of Image: 1826
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I think this is a birth record for Hersz Dawid Troianski. I would appreciate a full translation if possible, including the margin and the signatures at the bottom. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lynn Troyansky Arroyo

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8/25/2009 Unfortunately, you cut off the bottom part, so I cannot verify the name of the town where this document was signed. It appears once at the top of the document, and because the handwriting is so atrocious, I cannot be sure of the spelling. Do you think you could e-mail me at least the bottom part of the document, so that i could double-check? Here is the translation, beginning with the notation in the margin: No. 17, hamlet of Korkozy, Birth Certificate of Hirsz Dawid Troianski, Old Order Jewish. (main text follows)This took place in the town of (not sure, could be SZAKI or IZAKI ?) on July 2, 1826 at 11 a.m. . Appeared before me Old Order Cadyk (pronounced Tzadik) Josiek Troianski, day-laborer, residing in the hamlet of Korkozy, 30 years old, in the presence of witnesses, Old Order Eliasz Korkozawski, day-laborer, 71 years of age and Leyba Wigdorowicz (meaning son of Wigdor, or Avigdor, I presume)Korkozawski, tanner 33 years old, residents of the hamlet of Korkozy, and showed us a male child, born in the hamlet of Korkozy on June 25 of the present year, at 3 p.m. , by his wife , Beyla Eliaszowna (could mean either "daughter of Eliasz" or maiden name "Eliasz") 25 years of age, who, at the circumscision, was given the name Hirsz Dawid. This Act was read to the attestator and witnesses and signed by the father and witnesses. (end of translation) Now, if you could just e-mail me the bottom part that is cut off, perhaps I could verify the name of the town where this document was registered. I am a Polish Christian. My mother tongue is Polish. My translation is accurate, despite the bad handwriting. Regards, Elizabeth
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Here is the gist of what it says:

Date document filed: July 2, 1826
Father's name: Cadyk Josiel (?) Troianski, age 30
Date of birth: June 25, 1826
Mother's name: Beila Eliaszowna, age 25
Child's name: Hersz Dawid

There are two witnesses. One is named Eliasz Karkozawski, age 70. The other also seems to be named Karkozawski, but I can't read his first name. I can't read the signatures, but undoubtedly they are the witnesses and the father, if he could write his name. It usually says if he can't write, and it doesn't say that here.

Hope this helps.
8/27/2009 The "Hebrew or YTiddish" signatures on the bottom are those of the witnesses and attestator (father). Personally, I think it's Yiddish. The very last signature is in Polish, and it is that of the Kepper of Civil Records , a certain M. Jawutyj (?) the first three letters after his signature USC ( Urzednik Stanu Cywilnego) mean Clerk of the Civil Record.The last two are probably PC, and refer to the region where he operated . P stands for Powiat (district) and C stands for something for which I do not have a clue , because I have no idea where this town was located.

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