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Submitted by Gershon Markowitz

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 8/23/2009
Family Surname:
Date of Image: 1989
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What the name says in Russian. One may be Lebovitz

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8/25/2009 In Russian it says: Lebovich Mayleh
8/25/2009 The name is Lebavich Maylekh.

Hope it helps,

Polina Lerman
8/26/2009 Name of the spouse
Leibovich Milekh

i in Milekh pronounced as y in My
kh pronounced as H in here
Janet Furba,
8/26/2009 Hello,

I believe the writing says in Yiddish and Russian, Leibovitch, Melekh or Meilikh.

Hope that helps you,
8/26/2009 The names are: Lebovich Maiikh.

Hope this helps.

Olga Parker
8/27/2009 Lebovich Maileh (the last is pronounced like mile-kh)
8/28/2009 The name is Lebovich Mailekh.

Best Regards,
Svetlana Tokareva
8/28/2009 Translation of the Russian text: "The name of the husband, wife or wife's maiden name"

In hand writing it says "Meilech Lebovich"

Good luck on your search!

Lana and Benjamin
8/29/2009 Lebovich Mailekh (name of the spouse)
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I could not see the printed Russian letters very well, but I believe that they are referring to the name of a spouse and something to do with an ancestral family.
8/31/2009 name is LEIBOVITZ MEILEKH
9/5/2009 It says: Mailach Leibovich. All the best, Gera
9/12/2009 Leibovich Mailekh (Name, Spouse name, Maiden name)
9/13/2009 Leibvitch Mailech in good Russian and bad Hebrew.

All the best
9/22/2009 Lebovich Mailekh

Entry: Name of spouse, maiden name
9/24/2009 Lebovich Maileh
10/3/2009 Maylekh Lebovich
1/7/2010 Lebovich Maylekh - name of the husband/wife, maiden name

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