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Submitted by Stew Driller

Information Picture Question
Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 5/27/2009
Family Surname: Roswadowsky
Country: USA
Date of Image: 1926
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Can anyone read the reason for the denial of my grandfather's Petition for Naturalization?

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On  Response 
5/27/2009 Hello: I just saw your posting regarding the Petition denial...I am obviously not certain, but to me it looks like it says, "for lack of knowledge." I have never seen a denial for that reason, but I guess anything is possible! The upper case "K" could also be an "R," but I cannot figure out any word that would make sense if it were. I would be interested in knowing what you conclude.
Best wishes,
5/27/2009 for la--- of knowledge.
The formation of the letter g in knowledge matches the g in the judge's name Augustus.

The la--- word might be 4 letters or 5.
I can't think of any word that makes sense except lack, and there doesn't seem to be a k at the end.

Naturalization requires a demonstrated knowledge of American history and government. I don't know how much knowledge had to be demonstrated in 1926 (or, for that matter, today)
5/28/2009 Does it say "for lack of knowledge" (i.e., did not pass a citizenship test on the United States and its government)?
5/28/2009 It seems to read "for lack of knowledge."
5/29/2009 for lack of knowledge
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I think it says lack of knowledge. (It may be that a citizenship test was administered, and he couldn't pass i.)
6/9/2009 Hello Stew,

My interpretation is that it was denied "for lack of knowledge".

Hope that this gives you another possibility....Jo
6/10/2009 Hi there, It says "for lack of Knowledge"
I wonder what that means. Good luck in your search,

6/21/2009 It says "for lack of knowledge" - slightly better than those that say "lacks intelligence"
7/2/2009 It says "for lack of knowledge". Probably a language barrier issue.
7/14/2009 Denied "for lack of knowledge"

Perhaps a language issue.

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