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ViewMate Posting VM 12728

Submitted by Paul Auerbach

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 5/17/2009
Family Surname: Pelikan
Country: Poland
Town: Krakow
Date of Image: 1860
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This is an unknown Krakow document regarding my great-great grandfather, Ksiel Pelikan. I would appreciate a translation from German to English. Thank you.

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On  Response 
5/19/2009 Zeugnis means testimony or report card
I cannot read everything but its says here:
that Ciel Pelikan, a Schneidergeselle (taylor, born in Tarnow for the last three years has worked with a master taylor and that nothing negativ can be said about him
Krakau 21 or 24 July 1860
5/20/2009 Good evening,
In thois mail, I will put the translation of 12728 and 12729. Omer Vanvoorden/Belgium/Gersig
12728 Ksiel Krakow
By the president of the Jewish Community of Krakow is hereby certified that Kiel Pelikan , journeyman-tailor, born in Tarnow, has worked with this master during the last three years and that during this period nothing unfavourable of him from the moral point of view is known.
Krakow, Oct 20, 1860
12729 Kiel Tarnow
We, master-tailors, do certify under oath, that Kiel Pelikan, journey-man-tailor born in Tarnow, during the period from March((or May)) 1854 until April 30, 1857 did work with the local tailor Schije Schmid and during this complete period behaved faithful, reasonable and decent and recommend him by all means.
We did hand over this certificate and signed and admit him to the list of journeymen.
Tarnow, July 17, 1860
((Remark : For the German word ‘Geselle’ I did not have the right word.
A ‘Geselle’ is a young man, who had to learn a job, by working during many years as a apprentice with a skilled professional.
After years, and having worked and learned his job, the master wrote him a certificate proving his skills and moral behaviour.))
Good luck!!

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