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Geographic AreaNameCoordinatorStatusView
Zolotonosha (Town)Zolotonosha 1835 Revision ListJanette SilvermanIn progress
Obtain and translate the Zolotonosha 1835 revision list.
Zolotonosha (Town)Fundraising Project, Zolotonosha - Document Acquisition and TranslationGary PokrassaIn progress
The JewishGen Ukraine SIG has scanned microfilms from the Family History Library (FHL) containing records of births, deaths and marriages for residents of Zolotonosha, as well as non-residents and temporary residents. There are more than 2,600 images in total.

Adding the information to the JewishGen Ukraine Database will be a multistep project, involving the work of many people who will:
digitally scan the microfilms (already completed)
label each file
translate the high resolution digital files
place the information on specific format spread sheets
proof the spreadsheets
process them for eventual upload to the JewishGen Ukraine Database.

Images of the original documents from this scanning project are not available through JewishGen and can be obtained through the Family History Library and the Center for Jewish History.

The new datasets will be integrated into the JewishGen Ukraine Database, Ukraine SIG Master Name Index, and appropriate KehilaLinks websites.
Zolotonosha (Town)FHL Microfilm Acquisition, Digitizing & Translation Jewish VR, Zolotnosha, 1868-1898Lara DiamondIn progress
Jewish Records of births, marriages, divorces and deaths from the Jewish community of Zolotnosha. The records are from FHL microfilm numbers 2289320 (Items 4-5) and 2289321 (items 1-6).  The text is in Russian and Hebrew.

Microfilm 2289320

Item 4 - Fond 932, Opis 1, Delo 960 Births 1868-1972
Item 5 - Fond 932, Opis 1, Delo 975 marriages 1874-1875?, 1892-1893

Microfilm 2289321
Item 1 - Fond 931, Opis 1, Delo 981. Deaths 1876, 1883, 1885, 1888?, 1891

Item 2 - Fond 931, Opis 1, Delo 977 Births 1875, 1877, 1877

Item 3 - Fond 931, Opis 1, Delo 1036 Births 1882 (pages 1-36) -- Births 1909 (pages 59-107)

Item 4 - Fond 931, Opis 1, Delo 1082 births 1887-1889

Item 5 - Fond 931, Opis 1, Delo 1112. deaths 1892 (pages 1-25) --births 189-? (pages 26) -- deaths 1898? (pages 27-29) -- deaths 1893 (pages 30-52) -- deaths 1898? (pages 53-66) -- deaths 1900 (pages 67-103) -- deaths 1917 (pages 104-121)

Item 6 - Fond 931, Opis 1, Delo1136 marriages 1894 (pages 1-39) -- marriages 1897 (pages 40-71) -- marriages 1898 (pages 72-119) 

The FHL catalog entry for the microfilms is:
Records of births, marriages, and deaths from Jewish communities in the city and uyezd of Zolotonosha, Poltava, Russia. Zolotonosha is now the seat of a raion in the Cherkasy Oblast of Ukraine. Text in Russian and Hebrew.
Translation is pending. Ukraine SIG"s Coordinator has the image files.
Zolotonosha (Town)FHL Microfilm Digitizing: Jewish VR, Zolotnoshe town and district, 1868-1917 Harvey KabakerIn progress
Order microfilm to local FHC and digitize it.
Microfilm 2289322 has been digiitzed - it is a continuation of 2289321 item 6
Films 2289320,2289321 and 2289163 digitizing is pending
Zolotonosha (Town) Cemeteries: Identify Landsmanshaft Plots, Zolotonosha otherOngoing
110 gravestones Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Queens
Zolotonosha (Town)Travel Report for ZolotonoshaJanette SilvermanFinished
Added to website.
Zolotonosha (Town)Kehilalinks Development Project: Old Town Pages Conversion, ZolotonoshaRichard BaumFinished
Conversion completed 5/30/13

Total: 7 records

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