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Project: CAHJP Catalog Card Translation, Mogilev

Project Information

Coordinator:Phyllis Gold Berenson
Status:In progress
Description:Acquire and translate catalog cards from Mogilev found in the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People. There are a total of 179 cards. Some cards have more than one language to be translated: 177 in Russian, 16 in Yiddish, 3 in Hebrew, 3 in Polish. They are all printed.
Web address of the Project:N/A
Geographic Area(s):Mogilev (Town)

Related Collections

CollectionGeographic AreaTypeLocationView
CAHJP Catalog Cards, MogilevMogilev (Town)Archives, Catalog of holdingsCAHJP


Acquire DocumentsIsrael PickholtzFinishedIsrael Pickholtz photographed 177 CAHJP catalog cards for Mogilev. The cards are mostly in Russian. Some are in Hebrew or a mixture of Hebrew and Russian.
Translation from Hebrew To be definedIn progressBeth Dwoskin is translating the Hebrew CAHJP Catalog Cards for Mogilev.
Translation from CyrillicLinda ScattonFinishedLinda was assigned cards 4282-4456. She has completed 4282-4456
Translation from PolishGreg TuckmanFinishedBeth Dwoskin is translating the Hebrew CAHJP Catalog Cards for Mogilev.
Prioritize documents for acquisition & translationMarvin TurkanisNot Yet StartedPrioritize the 177 Mogilev documents for acquisition and translation.
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