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Note: All records of the master name index have been submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine database.
However, some time can pass between the submission and their appearance on the JGUD.

Note2: Searches were Place and Family name contain less than 4 characters are considered blank searches and results are limited to 500 records.

Family NameGiven NameFather's NameYear/PeriodTypeUkraine Related AreaOther related areasCollectionView
KNAPOV Lea Bentsion 1857 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
KNAPOV Bentsion  1857 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
LIVTSANSKIJ Tuma Shevel 1865 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
LIVTSANSKIJ Shevel  1865 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
ZAGALIN Sisya Gershko-Ber 1862 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)  Pereyslav  
ZAGALIN Gershko-Ber  1862 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)  Pereyslav  
BLINKIN Rivka Avram 1859 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
BLINKIN Avram  1859 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
BLIKIN ? Avram-Itska Zalman 1868 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
BLIKIN ? Zalman  1868 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
GRINSHTEJN Lejb Dovid-Movsha 1868 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
GRINSHTEJN Dovid-Movsha  1868 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
GRITSENSKIJ Zalman Lipa ? 1869 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
GRITSENSKIJ Lipa ?  1869 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
BLENSKIJ ? Mendel Shlioma 1869 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
BLENSKIJ ? Shlioma  1869 Death Pereyaslav (Town) Priluki (Town)    
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