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Vishnevets (Town)CAHJP Catalog Card, 1842, Report on Vishneveets Jewish leaders concealing taxable Jews, KDRG 2461842Community Records: KahalCAHJP
Report of Ita Khaya and Leyba ZAGORODER on leaders of the Jewish community of Vishnevets, who concealed in 1834 a few souls while compiling list of taxable persons and included Jews from abroad and from other communities. Chancery of Kiev, Volyn , Podolia General-Governor 

CAHJP Catalog No. HM 2-9892.8, KDRG No. 246. In Russian. CAHJP obtained the document from the TsGIAU, Central Archives of Ukraine, Kiyev, fond 442, opis 151, delo 252. KDRG has not yet obtained a copy of this document. 

For information about this collection, contact Ron Doctor .
Vishnevets (Town)Revision List, VishnevetsCensus: Revision ListsFHL
 included in Kremenets District
Vishnevets (Town)Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), Vishnevets2001General Reference
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), pp. 1449-1450: "Wisnowiec".
Vishnevets (Town)Yad Vashem, Vishnevets1939-1945HolocaustJG
 catalog entries acquired
Vishnevets (Town)Photo Archive, VishnevetsPhotos, GeneralJG
 catalog entries acquired
Vishnevets (Town)Feepayer Lists, Vishnevets, 19351935Name Lists, Tax/Fee PayersJG
The 1935 Vishnevets Feepayer Lists has 616 entries. It is on the Kremenets KehilaLinks site
Vishnevets (Town)Memoirs, VishnevetsMemoirsJG
Memoirs  Louis Parnes" memoir, Vanishing Generations is on Vishnevets KehilaLinks website and on Kremenets KehilaLinks site.
Vishnevets (Town)Pinkas HaKehilot, VishnevetsGeneral ReferenceJG
Pinkas HaKehilot, Poland, Vol. 5 (1990), pp. 81-84: "Wiśniowiec".
Vishnevets (Town)Photograph cemeteries VishnevetsCemeteries: Photographs of GravestonesJG
2 cemeteries
Vishnevets (Town)CAHJP Documents, 1840-1841, Conscripted Jews, KDRG 1461840-1841Community Records: KahalKehilaLinks
Documentation related to the criminal charges laid against the Vyshgorodok military recruitment officials for breaking selection procedures regulations for recruiting Jews for the military service. List of Jewish military recruits from Vishnevets, Oleksinets, Pochayev, Vyshgorodok and other localities.

Paragraph format. 27 page excerpt (pp. 1-12d, 17-18b, 20a-28d, 30, 40-42, 44-49) in Russian with signatures in Hebrew from a 184 page document. Pages 1-12d have not yet been translated. Remainder is partially translated. Handwritten. It has 68 different personal names.

Central Archives Catalog no. HM 2/8978.2; KDRG Doc 146. Partial Translation by Alex Kopelberg and Susan Sobel. A “Names Index” has been added to the translation. 

Document created by Kremenets Municipality. CAHJP obtained the document from Ternopil State Archives (GATO), Fond 37 Opis 3 Delo 63.

Contact Ron Doctor
for information about this collection.
Vishnevets (Town)JDC Reports, 1919 visit to Kremenets District Towns1919Article, HistoricalJDC
JDC visit to Kremenets, 15 Oct 1919 Memo, NY_AR1921_03260, ID 224216.pdf. This one page memo describes the situation in Kremenets and names 15 prominent Kremenetsers. It also gives the population of the 12 major towns in the Kremenets district.

Towns mentioned include Shumsk, Yampol, Lanovtsy, Vishnevets, Vyshgorodok,Belozirka, Pochayev, Radzivilov, Katerburg, Berezhtsy, Teofipol.

Names from the document have been included in the 
Kremenets Concordance of Personal Names and Town Names
(Master Name Index) which is available, downloadable and searchable on the Kremenets Kehilalinks website on JewishGen.
Vishnevets (Town)Slownik Geograficzny, VishnevetsGeneral ReferenceLibraries
Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), XIII, pp. 614-617: "Wisniowiec".
Vishnevets (Town)Vital Records-Images, CAHJP, Vishnevets 1878-19221878-1922Vital Records: BirthsCAHJP
Acquisition pending for Vishnevets vital records: Births ... 1878-1879. 1881-1897, 1900-1906, 1910-1915, 1918-1922. The documents are being acquired by the Kremenets District Research Group (KDRG) from CAHJP. Contact 
Janette Silverman for more information.
Vishnevets (Town)Yizkor Books, VishnevetsYizkor Book Translations
1 book Wisniowiec; memorial book of the martyrs of Wisniowiec who perished in the Nazi holocaust
Translation by Kremeents Group in progress.. Translation: Hebrew done  Name and Town Index: partially done
Vishnevets (Town)JOWBR - Vishnevets Cemetery InformationCemeteries: Inscriptions & Burial RecordsJOWBR
Vishnevets (Town)Vernadskiy National Library of Ukraine Document Collections, VishnevetsName Lists, Residents Vernadskiy National Library of Ukraine
Documents held by the Vernadskiy National Library of Ukraine
Vishnevets (Town)CAHJP Documents, 1849 Bet-midrash List, Vishnevets1849Community Records: KahalKehilaLinks
Lists of 1,360 names + text. 55 pp., Russian, handwritten, KDRG Doc 042, CAHJP Catalog No. HM2-9540.1. This document has not yet been translated. 
Title is, “Volhyn Province Schools" Board of Directors. Lists of bet-midrashes in Volhyn Province, lists of Jewish communities" members.” 
Volhyn province bet-midrash registers, Data on number of synagogue communities and rabbi"s names in Zaslav, Ostrog  district and boroughs, Krzemieniec, Belozerka, Berezhy, Vishnevets, Vyshgorodok, Katerburg, Lanovtsy, Staryy Aleksinets, Pochayev, Radzivilov, Shushki, Yampol, also name lists of synagogue  communities of  Dubno, Varkovichi, Rovno, Berezno, Mezhirichi (Rovno district). 
Contact Ron Doctor (rddpdx@gmail.com) for more information.
Vishnevets (Town)CAHJP Documents, 1837-1841 Illegal Fundraising Trial, Kremenets and Vishnevets, KDRG 031 1837-1841Community Records: KahalKehilaLinks
Requests, reports, correspondence and other information on illegal fundraising by residents of Kremenets and its borough Vishnevets for the Jewish poor and orphans of Jerusalem.  Includes list of donors. HM 2-8977.5. KDRG Doc No. 031. Typed and handwritten. Russian and Hebrew.

This is a 284 page document. We have all except pages: 21, 24, 35, 46, 49, 56, 61, 68-73, 78-95, 109-116, 119-129, 133, 136-160, 162, 170, 182-284. About 114 pages have been translated so far.

The document was created by the Kremenets Town Magistrate. CAHJP obtained it from the Ternopil State Archives, Fond 37, opis 3, file 54.

Ron Doctor
for information about this collection.
Vishnevets (Town)CAHJP Documents, 1928 Orphans List, Kremenets, KDRG 1241928Community Records: KahalKehilaLinks
Society for the Care of the Jewish Orphans and the Abandoned Children in Volhynia. Budget of the Society for the livelihood of orphans in Kremenets district for school year 1929-1930. List of children under the Society’s care inVishnevets, Pochayev, Belozerka, Vyshgorodok, and Kremenets. Typewritten. 18 pages in Polish. Central Archives Catalog No. HM2-8986.1. Kremenets District Research Group (KDRG) Document No. 124.

Translated by Alex Sharon. Data entry and Name Transcription by Ellen Garshick. 
A “Names Index” has been added to the translation. It has 238 different personal names. The translation from Polish to English is available on the 
Kremenets KehilaLinks website.
It is an 18 page document.

Document created by Kremenets District Governor’s Office Security Department. CAHJP obtained the document from Ternopil State Archives (GATO), Fond 2 Opis 3 Delo 68.

Contact Ron Doctor
for information about this collection.
Vishnevets (Town)Shtetl Finder, Cohen (1989), VishnevetsGeneral ReferenceJG
Shtetl Finder (1980), p. 113: "Vishnivits".

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