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Jewish Genealogical Society in Denmark (JGS-Denmark)

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  • The Danish Telephone Directory online - in Danish only! You can chose between the "White Pages" ("Navnebogen"/"De hvide sider"), The Yellow Pages ("Fagbogen"/De Gule sider") or Maps ("Kortbogen" - where you can type in "Gade/Vej" (Street), "Husnr." (No.), "Postnr." (Postal Code) and "By" (City) and a map will be produced).
  • KRAK's directory - in Danish only! So for your information: "Navn" = "Name", "Vej" = "Street", "Postnr." = "Zip Code", "Område" = "Locality" ("Hele Danmark" means all of Denmark -- so better leave that as it is!), "Tlf./fax/mobil" = "Phone, fax, mobile phone", "Søgeord" = "Word to search for" (you won't need that!). And when you have entered what you what to search for, click on "SØG".


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  • Tromsø University - Historical Data i.e. Norwegian sources for on-line search.
  • The Jewish Community of Oslo
  • The Jewish Community of Trondheim
  • The Jewish Museum, Trondheim
         A virtual museum for the Jewish history in Norway (in Norwegian)
  • Skrivarstuå Judaica
  • Norwegian-Jewish history before 1851
  • Emigration from Norway - The Solem, Swiggum and Austheim Ship Index
         gives thorough information on many aspects on this topic.
  • Passenger lists is found at: Emigrants from Kristiania, Kristiansand and Stavanger
  • Furthermore you can go to website: The Norwegian Emigrant Museum or
  • The Norwegian Emigration Center

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