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Genealogical Tables of Jewish Families 14th - 20th Centuries

Forgotten Fragments of the History of the Fraenkel Family

By Louis and Henry Fraenkel. Edited by Georg Simon; on behalf of The Memorial Foundation of Eva and Henry Fraenkel. 2. ed. 1999. 592 pages, 427 illustrations. 2 vols. (vol.1: c. 180 pages; vol. 2: 10 tables). Hardbound. c. DM 198.00. ISBN 3-598-11426-5 (set)

An astonishing masterpiece of internatioanl Jewish genealogy covering much of Europe. This two-volume work documents 11,000 individuals belonging to 10 Jewish families who were related to the Fraenkel family from 1397 to 1992. Many illustrious names are amongst those recorded: the poet Heinrich Heine, the dramatist Carl Sternheim, the philosophers Theodor Lessing, Israel Jacobson and David Friedländer, the composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and the Nobel prize-winning chemist Adolf von Baeyer were all family members.

The first volume contains accounts of the family’s history, as well as a bibliography and an index of persons. The second part presents 10 tables with complete family trees. These will be of outstanding value to biographers.

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