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The Jewish Cemeteries in Denmark

A short history of the cemeteries in Denmark

There are two large cemeteries in Copenhagen - the oldest, "Mosaisk Nordre Kirkegaard" in Møllegade established in 1693 and in use until 1967, and the other "Mosaisk Vestre Cemetery" established in 1886 which is still in use.

Furthermore there are Jewish cemeteries in ten provincial towns in Denmark: The two oldest are those in Fredericia and in Nakskov both presumed to have been established around 1700.

Then after almost a century follows Faaborg established in 1795, Randers in 1807, Aalborg in 1810, Assens in 1824 and Odense in 1824. And even later cemeteries are established in Århus, Slagelse, Horsens.

All these cemeteries will be digitized and made available for online search on:

JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)

The listings of burials from some of the below mentioned cemeteries which were found on the Scancinavia SIG website - Denmark will be removed, as the information is now available on the JOWBR. The listings from the Copenhagen Western Cemetery will not be removed as only a part of the burials there (from 1886-1915) can be found on the JOWBR.

At present JOWBR contains information from the following Danish cemeteries (6 cemeteries, 1300 burials):


Several books listing the burials in some or all of the cemeteries have been published:

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  4. Margolinsky, Julius: De jødiske Kirkegårde i de danske Provinsbyer. [The Jewish cemeteries in the Danish provincial towns]. Det Mosaiske Troessamfund i København, 1957. (with transscriptions and translations of many inscriptions on the tombstones).
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