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Chazzan Shmuel Lerer
Chairman and Honorary President of
the Cantors and Choirmasters’ Association of S.A.

In the photograph below Chazzan Lerer is seated fourth from the left. A short biographical note is appended below the photograph. Below that is a repeat of the photograph but with the names of several chazzanim kindly provided by Gilad Lerer, Chazzan Lerer's son. Below that is an image of the cover of a collection of prayers by Chazzan Lerer and entitled Rejoicing and Prayer.

Chazzanim, some named, at the Beth Hachazan,
Johannesburg, circa 1974-76

Standing [right-to-left]
חזן דוײטש  Chazzan Deutsch (Yeoville)
חזן  דוידוביץ  Chazzan Davidowitz
חזן דודו  פישר  Chazzan Dudu Fisher
חזן חײם אליעזר הרשטיק  Chazzan Chaim Eliezer Hershtik
חזן דביר  Chazzan Dvir
חזן אליהו גרינבלט  Chazzan Eliyahu Greenblat
Seated [right-to-left]
חזן צבי רוזן  Chazzan Tzvi Rosen
?  חזן חײטוביץ  Chazzan Chaitowitz ?
חזן שמואל לרר  Chazzan Shmuel Lerer
המנצח שלמה(?) קולמן  Conductor Shlomo(?) Colman
חזן זינגר  Chazzan Singer (Etz Chayim Shul)
חזן אברהם סלומון  Chazzan Avraham Salomon (Lion's Shul)
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The cover of a collection of prayers by Chazzan Lerer and entitled Rejoicing and Prayer
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At the opening cermony of Beth HaChazzan in Johannesburg (31.7.1975)


The letter of appointment as Honorary Life President of the Canters & Choirmasters Association of South Africa (September 1977)


Beth Hamedrash Hagadol, Doornfontein, Johannesburg


Beth Hachazzan 1 [from left: Cantor Eliyahu Greenblat, Cantor Singer, Choirmaster Kolman, Cantor Shmuel Lerer].


Beth Hachazzan 2 [from left: Cantor S. Mandel, Choirmaster Kolman, Cantor Shmuel Lerer, Cantor Chaitowitz.]