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American and Canadian Rabbis in the Samuel Ephraim Tiktin Collection


The following table contains a listing of American and Canadian rabbis found in the Samuel Ephraim Tiktin Collection in the Archives of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York (Record Group 495, 1.6 linear feet). The collection, dating from circa 1930 to 1949, is written in Yiddish and includes several hundred biographies of rabbis compiled by Tiktin for a Universal Rabbinical Biographical Encyclopedia, which he planned to publish. Biographies include rabbis from the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Hungary, Palestine, Poland, and other countries, including the Middle East. Also included are photographs of and correspondence with the subjects. Tiktin was a Yiddish and Hebrew writer who was born in Jerusalem in 1878 and came to the United States in 1912.

The list of 205 American and Canadian rabbis was compiled by a professor of Jewish history who visited the YIVO Archives several years ago and contributed the list after reviewing the collection. The list does not include rabbis from other continents. Further information may be obtained from the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.


Many thanks to Stephen Falk for obtaining the list and to Fruma Mohrer, Acting Chief Archivist at YIVO, for granting kind permission to reproduce it and for providing resource information.

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Surname Given Name(s) City State or Province Country
AGUS Jacob Dov      
ALTUSKY Yehuda      
ARAK Aharon Yehuda      
ARONSON Joseph Zvi      
BAKER Jacob      
BAKER Yehuda Aryeh (Julius)      
BAKER Jacob L. Columbus Ohio USA
BARENHOLTZ Sholom Zvi      
BARISHANSKY Raphael Mordechai      
BERGER Chaim Yisroel      
BERGER Meir Toronto Ontario Canada
BERMAN Moshe Rochester New York USA
BERNIKER Morris   New York USA
BICK Avraham      
BICK Chaim M.      
BICK Shaul Yissachar      
BLOCH Chaim Yitzchak      
BLUMENFELD Meyer      
BOGOLMINSKY Shmuel      
BOSNIAK Jacob      
BRAYER Joseph Bronx New York USA
BRENNER Shimon      
CAHAN Boaz Chicago Illinois USA
CHARLOP Yechiel Michel Bronx New York USA
CHARNEY Aaron Reuven Bayonne New Jersey USA
CHASHESMAN Yehudah Chicago Illinois USA
CHAYET Dov Aryeh Boston Massachusetts USA
CHIPKEWITZ Simcha Eliyahu Bronx New York USA
CHODROW Mendel Bronx New York USA
COHEN Yaakov Spring Valley    
COHEN Liber Bronx New York USA
COHEN Meir Asbury Park New Jersey USA
DAVIDOVITCH Chaim Buffalo New York USA
DRAZIN Nathan      
DROB Menachem Mendel   New York USA
DUBROW Jacob Ozer Washington DC USA
ECKSTEIN Menachem M. Cleveland Ohio USA
ELAZARY Chaim      
ELFENBEIN Israel      
ELKIN Shmuel Eliyahu Brooklyn New York USA
EPSTEIN Avraham Bezalel Cincinnati Ohio USA
EPSTEIN Yaakov Lieb   New York USA
ESSRIG Isaac Dov      
ETTER Moshe Harrisburg Pennsylvania USA
FAIN Yoseph Div Portland Oregon USA
FEDERBUSH Shimon Bronx New York USA
FELDMAN Menachem Nachum Omaha Nebraska USA
FELSHIN Uri   New York USA
FINE Shmuel Menachem Detroit Michigan USA
FINKELSTEIN Shimon Yitzchak Brooklyn New York USA
FLATOW Faivush   New York USA
FORTMAN Zelig Far Rockaway New York USA
FREEDMAN Yoseph   New York USA
FRIEDMAN Zvi H.   New York USA
GEFFEN Tuviah Atlanta Georgia USA
GINSBURG Isser   New York USA
GINSBURG Yehuda Leib Denver Colorado USA
GLATT Yehuda Leib
("The Tichiner Rebbe")
  New York USA
GLATZER Chaim Newark New Jersey USA
GOLDBERG Moshe Chaim New Orleans Louisiana USA
GOLDBERGER Akiva B.   New York USA
GOLDSTEIN Herbert S.   New York USA
GOTTESMAN Avraham Yoseph      
GRIS Avraham Zvi   New York USA
GRODSKY Yaakov Yisroel St. Louis Missouri USA
GROSS Zvi   New York USA
GRUNWALD Yekutiel Y.      
HALPERIN Joel Brooklyn New York USA
HEIFETZ Nissan South River New Jersey USA
HENKIN Yoseph Eliyahu   New York USA
HERSHMAN Meyer Toronto Ontario
New York
HERSKOWITZ Yehudah Brooklyn New York USA
HIRSCHPRUNG Mordechai Columbus Ohio USA
HOCHSTEIN Menachem Mendel Brooklyn New York USA
HOFFMAN Yitzchak (Irving)      
HOPSTEIN Yisroel Elazar   New York USA
HURWITZ Yoseph Dov St. Paul Minnesota USA
HURWITZ Shaul Menachem Bronx New York USA
HURWITZ Moshe   New York USA
HURWITZ Shemaryahu Baltimore Maryland USA
JACOBOVITZ Yoseph Menashe Bridgeport Connecticut USA
JUNG Leo   New York USA
KAGAN Yehuda Lieb Brooklyn New York USA
KANTROWITZ Yaakov Trenton New Jersey USA
KAPLAN Mordechai Aaron   New York USA
KARPOW Gedalia Buffalo New York USA
KATZ Nechemiah Toledo Ohio USA
KATZ Jacob Bronx New York USA
KATZ Shlomo Zalman Bronx New York USA
KELMAN Zvi Yehuda Toronto Ontario Canada
KLAVAN Joshua Washington DC  USA
KORNMEHL Nachum Zvi Albany New York USA
KOSUT Shraga   New York USA
KOVALENKO Elimelech Brooklyn New York USA
KREVSKY Shlomo Zalman Allentown Pennsylvania USA
KUPIETSKY Jacob Zvi Brooklyn New York USA
KUSHELEVSKY Eliyahu   New York USA
LANGNER Shlomo Toronto Ontario Canada
LANGNER Uri   New York USA
LEAVITT Yecheskel Brooklyn New York USA
LEITER Moshe Brooklyn New York USA
LEV Israel Trenton New Jersey USA
LEVINE Israel Isser St. Joseph Missouri USA
LEVINSON Moshe Chaim Washington DC USA
LEVITAN Shlomo Yehuda Rock Island Illinois USA
LEVY Meir Zvi Toronto Ontario Canada
LEWITTES Mendel Montreal Quebec Canada
LIEBOWITZ Yaakov Brooklyn New York USA
LIGHT David Gershon Brooklyn New York USA
LIPSCHUTZ Benjamin Fall River Massachusetts USA
LOOKSTEIN Joseph   New York USA
MANUEL Zvi Nathan Bronx New York USA
MARGOLIN Isaiah Joseph Brooklyn New York USA
MARVIT Lieb Bronx New York USA
MENDELOWITZ Moshe Yaakov Brooklyn New York USA
MEREMINSKY Joshua Moshe Mt. Vernon New York USA
MIRSKY Samuel K.   New York USA
MIZRACHI Shlomo Los Angeles California USA
MOLOTIN Isaiah Bronx New York USA
MONSON Mendel Brooklyn New York USA
MORDUCHOWITZ Shimon Bronx New York USA
MOSHOWITZ Yisroel Bronx New York USA
MOSKOWITZ Israel Elimelech Bronx New York USA
NECHES Shlomo N. Los Angeles California USA
NEUMAN Ephraim Fishel   New York USA
NEWBERGER Meir Lieb Bronx New York USA
NISSENBAUM Mordechai Aryeh Brooklyn New York USA
NOTELOVITZ Chaim Ben Zion Louisville Kentucky USA
OSCHRY Ephraim      
OVADIAH Nissim Yoseph   New York USA
PAGARELSKY Shmuel Bronx New York USA
PECHENICK Aharon Bronx New York USA
PIKUS Avraham Brooklyn New York USA
PINCUS Shraga St. Louis Illinois USA
POLEYOFF Moshe Aaron   New York USA
POOL David De Sola   New York USA
PORATH Israel Cleveland Ohio USA
POUPKO Reuven Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
PRICE Avraham Aaron Toronto Ontario Canada
RABINOWITZ Baruch Chicago Illinois USA
REVEL Dov   New York USA
RISIKOFF Menachem Brooklyn New York USA
RODELHEIM Yaakov Zev   New York USA
ROKEACH Moshe Meir   New York USA
ROSEN Joseph Passaic New Jersey USA
ROSENBLATT Moshe Bronx New York USA
ROSENMAN Shraga Feivel Toronto Ontario Canada
ROSNER Chaim Bronx New York USA
ROTHBERG Abraham Brooklyn New York USA
ROTTENBERG Ephraim Moshe Bronx New York USA
RUBIN M. Z. Miami Beach Florida USA
RUBINSTEIN Yitzchak   New York USA
SACHS Zechariah Cleveland Ohio USA
SADOWSKY Shlomo Rochester New York USA
SAMSON Chaim Eliezer Baltimore Maryland USA
SAVITSKY Mordechai Roxbury   USA
SCHEVELOWITZ Yitzchak Yaakov Brooklyn New York USA
SCHOENFELD Eliezer Bronx New York USA
SEGALOVITCH Yaakov Meir   New York USA
SELTZER Shlomo Chaim Dorchester Massachusetts USA
SEREBRENCK Baruch Avraham   New York USA
SFARD Araham Bronx New York USA
SHEIN Shalom   New York USA
SHIFF Mordechai Cincinnati Ohio USA
SHNAIDMAN Yitzchak   New York USA
SHNAIDMAN Yitzchak   New York USA
SHNEIER Ephraim   New York USA
SHOICHETMAN Mordechai   New York USA
SHRAGOWTIZ Joseph Zev Fitchburg Massachusetts USA
SHUCHATOWITZ Mordechai Long Island New York USA
SHURIN Moshe   New York USA
SHURIN Aharon BenZion   New York USA
SILVERBERG Yehudah Leib Brooklyn New York USA
SIMCHES Yoel Mordechai Brooklyn New York USA
SINGER Henoch Los Angeles California USA
SOCHEN Avraham Brooklyn New York USA
SOLNICA Shmuel      
SPITZ Yirmiyahu Scranton Pennsylvania USA
STEIF Jonathan      
SWIREN David B. Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
SWIRSKY Shemaryahu T. Miami Florida USA
THUMIM Joseph   New York USA
THUMIM Nathan   New York USA
TRACHTMAN Benjamin St. Louis Missouri USA
TUCHINSKY Yaakov Meir      
TWERSKI Yitzchak Bronx New York USA
VINIK Joseph Brooklyn New York USA
WARSHAWSKI Yitzchak   New York USA
WAXMAN Nissan Lakewood New Jersey USA
WEISS Hillel   New York USA
WEISS David Brooklyn New York USA
WEITZMAN Baruch Dov Brooklyn New York USA
WELICHANSKY Chaim Dov Bronx New York USA
WERNER David Providence Rhode Island USA
WERTHEIMER Yoseph Chaim Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
WIND Shlomo Bronx New York USA
WOLKOWITZ Benjamin Yecheskel Bronx New York USA
YALOW Shmuel Syracuse New York USA
YASHAR Moshe Meir Brooklyn New York USA
ZALMANOVITCH Aaron Montreal Quebec Canada
ZIETCHIK Naphtali Hertz Des Moines Iowa USA
ZIN Shaul Getzel Newark New Jersey USA
ZLOTOWITZ Aaron Brooklyn New York USA
ZWEIG Yoseph   New York USA